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Southern California Repair And Restoration Business Offers Clients Tips To Stay Cool In Summer

Five Star Restoration, a repair and reconstruction business in the Inland Empire, offers information on AC units and staying cool during heatwaves in L.A.

Keeping cool during an L.A. heatwave comes down to being prepared. We aim to help homeowners and families do all they can to make it through the summer”
— Nick Smuts
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2022 / -- No strangers to record-breaking hot temperatures, the expert repair and reconstruction company, Five Star Restoration, offers crucial tips regarding the importance of air conditioners during the summer heatwave.

In a recent article, How To Stay Cool In A Heat Wave In Los Angeles, the Inland Empire home repair business explains the ins and outs of heatwaves and how homeowners can ‘beat the heat.’

And with triple-digit temperatures on the horizon for Angelinos, these tips couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. With record heat waves hitting Europe and the rest of the United States, heatwaves and extreme climate events are the cause du jour.

“A heat wave is an abnormal period of high heat lasting over two days. This often includes high humidity. They can result in widespread fire damage from wildfires, hospitalization, and death. In short, heat waves are something everyone should take seriously.

Indeed, as we’ve seen throughout summer 2022, heatwaves are more intense than one can imagine. In the U.K., they’ve seen over 500 more wildfires in a matter of weeks than all of 2021 alone. Likewise, the land has been left parched and dry. In short, heatwaves aren’t just a few days or weeks that make homeowners crank the air conditioner a bit higher than usual.

And Five Star says as much, emphasizing the nuance of the very definition of a heatwave.

“Obviously, [the definition of a heatwave] can stretch from a few days to even a few weeks in more extreme instances. That's why preparing for periods of extreme heat is so important. Preparations will keep people cool and out of the eye of extreme weather events.”

Southern California residents need to get back to basics to beat the heat. That means using air conditioning units, central air conditioning, not cooking with open flames too long, pulling the shades, and even cooling beds for a peaceful night’s sleep.

While the article contains multiple helpful tips, perhaps the most realistic and important one is the emphasis on air conditioning.

“We thought air conditioning since it’s so widespread, needed its own piece,” says Nick Smuts. “Keeping cool during an L.A. heatwave comes down to being prepared. We aim to help homeowners and families do all they can to make it through the summer.”

Cooling Down With Air Conditioning

In a companion piece, How Does Air Conditioning Work? Keep Comfortable, Keep Cool, the professionals at Five Star Restoration dive deep into the inner workings of air conditioners and why they’re so crucial for a comfortable summer.

As is Five Star Restoration’s style, the company clears up any misconceptions by defining the term ‘air conditioning.’

“The term 'air conditioning' itself refers to the general practice of reducing heat indoors and making things cool. Of course, a good air conditioner will do this flawlessly. But one could technically use 'air conditioning' with nearly any practice that cools the air and minimizes heat.”

“A ceiling fan turning counterclockwise, for example, is a form of air conditioning. One can feel the air circulating with air purifiers, causing a cooling effect. However, Californians probably don't want to rely solely on a ceiling fan in the grips of a heatwave!”

Five Star explains the difference between central air conditioning and window air conditioners.

“Central air cools an entire structure through a series of ducts controlled by a thermostat. When temperatures rise, set the thermostat to an ideal temperature. Setting it to 75 degrees means that when the heat rises past that specific point, the air conditioning kicks on, cooling a home.”

Not only that, but central air conditioning helps keep indoor air quality at a safe level for the entire family.

Perhaps anticipating readers’ next question, that being which of the two air condition methods is more cost-efficient, Five Star gives its answer: it depends.

How big is the dwelling? How many family members live there? How many window air conditioners are on at one time? No home is the same, and Five Star Restoration recognizes that. They explain that, although window air conditioners are so widely used and well-known, they may not cut it compared to central air.

While window units are perfect for cooling down a room at a time, central air covers the entire building. And having a window unit cranking all summer long without end can rack up energy bills. With a central air conditioning system in a home, families can get equal parts cooling and perhaps save some money, too.

Beating The Heat With Five Star Restoration

“We want families and individuals to be as prepared as possible for any abnormal weather. The heat can easily creep up on anyone. If they’re without some sort of air conditioning capabilities, it quickly becomes a health hazard.”

The Inland Empire restoration company offers expert services in inspecting homes, removing various types of damage left in the wake of fires, floods, and any natural disaster.

“We have to emphasize that while repairing and reconstructing a home is important to a family, ensuring they’re safe first and foremost is the most important thing.”

And with two similar yet informative pieces on its website, Five Star Restoration is setting itself apart from its contemporaries by ensuring homeowners all over Southern California are prepared for anything, whether it's heat, mudslides, power outages, or wildfires. Five Star Restoration has its community in mind.

“We founded this company with a mission in mind: serve the community in any way we can. Informing residents of Southern California about heatwaves and how they can stay cool is the least we can do,” says Five Star Restoration’s general manager, Kevin Gray.

More About Five Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration serves the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego’s home repair and restoration needs. Whether repairing water damage or preparing for a natural storm, the professionals at Five Star Restoration have homeowners covered.

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