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Jason Young of Advantage Forensics Inc. to be Featured on Close Up Radio

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 16, 2022 / -- As astonishing as it sounds the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death are slips, falls, and car accidents. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of people die in falls at home, at work, and in vehicular crashes. Many of these devastating incidents result in complex legal cases. With each party trying to prove their side of the case it would be impossible to conclusively decide who is at fault if it weren’t for the razor- sharp on point testimony of an expert witness.

Jason is the President and founding partner of Advantage Forensics, a forensic engineering firm based in Toronto. Jason has been featured in the media across Canada and on expert panels in the U.S. for his vast knowledge in Collision Reconstruction, Human Factors, and Biomechanics.

“As an expert forensic engineer, I investigate collisions, biomechanics, and all kinds of slips, trips, falls, and unfortunate accidents people get into on daily basis. I testify on slippery conditions, on vehicle speeds, on injury fraud, and on all human factors contributing to accidents. Ultimately, my job is to assist the court by explaining the science and engineering behind the case in clear-cut language that they will understand.”

As witness statements are often contradictory, Jason thoroughly and methodically examines the physical evidence to determine the truth through science and engineering. For instance, in a car accident where one driver accuses the other of speeding, Jason and his extraordinary team of experts solve this puzzle by examining the physical car damage, measuring the road skids, and analyzing the data recorder evidence, if any. Jason and his team then put it all together using computer simulation to match the evidence and decipher what actually occurred.

One of the highlights that sets Advantage Forensics apart from other firms is their incredible attention to detail using the most state of the art analysis tools. Advantage Forensics uses highly sophisticated collision simulation software, forensic video analysis software, and vehicle download software for infotainment consoles that most experts have never been trained in.

“We are also recognized world-wide experts in night time collision investigation and re-enactment. We have re-enacted the most complex night time collision scenarios that most other firms won’t even attempt.”

All of these cases either proceed to trial with a judge and jury, or settle out of court. In fact, one of the major frustrations in the industry, according to Jason, is thoroughly preparing for court on a case that ends up settling at the doorsteps of trial.

Jason is not only skilled at his work but extremely passionate about it. His hope is to send a strong message to pedestrians about safety at night so that tragic accidents will be avoided. Through his work, he has seen first-hand how dark-clothed pedestrians over-estimate their visibility at night, when in fact they are very difficult to see by drivers. Keeping this in mind, he says, can save your life and the life of your friends and family.

“The message I tell school kids is just as important for adults - When standing on a road at night, realize that drivers simply will not see you until it is too late. Having the right-of-way is not much comfort to someone whose life was shattered by a nighttime collision.”

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