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Julian Sarafian, Harvard Law grad & former Silicon Valley corporate lawyer, launches legal firm for content creators

He runs ‘a law firm built for creators, by creators’

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / -- More than 50 million content creators and social media influencers together form one of the fastest growing business categories in America and are helping fuel the post-Covid economy, according to Forbes magazine. Julian Sarafian is himself such a creator. He’s also a lawyer, and that’s why he created a firm specializing in legal services for the online influencer community.

For Creators by Creators PC launched a few months ago with a mission “to focus on representing content creators and social media influencers,” says Sarafian, a Harvard Law graduate who previously worked in Silicon Valley and is an active influencer across the social media spectrum. The new company’s website motto—“A law firm built for creators, by creators”—succinctly explains the unique endeavor by Sarafian and his team.

“At the turn of the pandemic, social media exploded from an industry for actors and formal ‘influencers’ on Instagram to everyone under the sun.” With more than a billion users worldwide, TikTok is a prime example, says Sarafian. “Tiktok allows folks as diverse as homemakers, horse trainers, lawyers, and doctors to reach massive audiences and build a following overnight. With such power comes plenty of financial opportunity for content creators—many of whom sign deals with brands to advertise that can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.” A major problem, however, is “creators often are underrepresented and taken advantage of in the creator economy,” Sarafian, who attended UC Berkeley as an undergrad. “After becoming a content creator myself, focused on law and mental health, I decided to launch my own law firm to represent the interests of content creators and influencers in the brand deal and legal space.”

The firm’s USP—or Unique Selling Proposition—is “that it's the only firm that specializes in helping content creators and influencers, and it’s a market we know intimately since I am a content creator and influencer myself,” says Sarafian, whose newly-founded firm represents nearly two dozen clients collectively reaching more than 10 million people. “I know the mechanics and nuances of being a content creator firsthand. I know when a creator should ink a deal, push back on an indemnification term, or defend itself in the public square using their platforms. I know of no other lawyer out there who knows content creators like I do because I am one.”

Eschewing hourly charges in favor of flat fees and percentage commissions, Sarafian’s FCBC firm represents “content creators, influencers, and small business owners in brand deals, cease and desist requests, corporate formation, light employment, and general start-up work,” he explains. Services at FCBC include:
• Venture Capital Work

• Corporate Formation

• Cease and Desists

• Form Documents

• Brand Deals (Says Sarafian, “We will review brand contracts for influencers and creators to ensure you are protected and getting the deal you signed up for. We also create custom agreements for creators.”

Forbes magazine says social media platforms, brands, and marketers are lining up to work with “the creator economy—the industry of influencers, bloggers, videographers and anyone on social media monetizing their online fanbases.” With such rapid rise to prominence, “growing pains have begun to set in,” says Vogue Business, and one of those is that many of the newcomers to the industry are ill-prepared when it comes to legal knowledge. “That’s where we come in,” says Sarafian, who seems at ease astride his twin roles as content creator and legal-services provider.

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