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Evaluate Every Touchpoint and Turn Them Into Trustpoints

Trustpoints vs. Touchpoints

Trustpoints vs. Touchpoints

Take the time and look at every interaction between employees and customers and make sure to convert every touchpoint into a trustpoint!”
— Ujj Nath, Chairman and CEO
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2022 / -- This is a story about two fish vendors and their ability to react to customer touchpoints.

One of the fish vendors uses Square (Block) to take payments digitally and the other only takes cash or checks. It should be no surprise about which stall is busier. Obviously, the vendor that offers the convenience of Tap-2-Pay has a much longer line, whereas the cash/check vendor typically has many slow periods. After further observation of what was happening at the cash/check vendor, sure enough, many customers would come and look at the fish selection, get ready to buy, but then leave because he did not take credit cards.

Digging deeper into a conversation about the cash/check vendor's offering. It was noticed that he had a lot of signage about the quality and the source of his fish (wild vs. farmed etc.) and he kept repeating the fact that once someone buys fish from him, he would become their trusted fish vendor, especially for frequent fish buyers. Upon paying cash and testing the vendor's fish, it was determined he was in fact able to live up to his promise.

The key point is that as a result of this trial purchase, this vendor was able to convert a “touchpoint” into a “trustpoint”. He did have the potential to convert a new customer into a regular buyer of his fish. Now, all the vendor had to do was open up the convenience axis of easier payments, so customers would defect to him.

So what exactly is a trustpoint?

Critical interactions are the foundation of building trust with customers. These interactions can be digital, physical, or in our fish market example, a simple communication between two people. What they all have in common is that the interaction delivers on a promise, inherent or otherwise, to deliver the best experience possible, every time.

There is a lesson to be learned here: As a retailer, every interaction with customers is a touch point. When making the effort to turn every touchpoint into a “trustpoint”, a business is treating each interaction as a way of building loyal customers through exceptional interactions. Even something as simple as paying with a credit card allows the customer to trust the transaction (and even allows the customer to dispute the transaction and get their money back.) Customers trust their credit cards to protect them from being cheated.

Once an effort is made to look at the customer interactions in a dealership through the lens of trustpoints, every interaction becomes an opportunity to build loyalty. From easily selecting an appointment time that is both available and accurate to sending high-quality photos and videos of a vehicle, each small interaction builds upon the next for the ultimate experience. At the fish market, it’s about selling the highest quality fish and making it easy to pay for it.

Most importantly, when trustpoints are stringed together in a series, a dealer can quickly leapfrog the competition by making a series of small interactions easier and creating a completely superior and unique experience.

“Take the time and look at every interaction between employees and customers and make sure to convert every touchpoint into a trustpoint!”

Ujj Nath
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