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Beth Wolfe of BW Global Solutions to be Featured on Close Up Radio

POULSBO, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2022 / -- In these times of great transition, chaos, and uncertainty, it’s only natural that we feel paralyzed and downright frustrated. As we struggle to make sense of our lives, now more than ever it’s critical to set goals, release our limiting beliefs, and move forward. But when we are feeling this stagnant how can we gain clarity and new perspective? One of the best options is working with a highly qualified professional that can help us figure out how to get there and equip us with the necessary tools and strategies in order to help us live the life you we have always wanted.

Beth is a top notch Master Life Coach, 3rd Generation Entrepreneur, Master Idea Generator, Master Solutions Creator, and owner of BW Global Solutions.

“Through self-love we become our own luminous work of art and distinct masterpiece that ignites positive sustainable change. Through a lifetime of nurturing and experimenting as we navigate our journey that’s the greatest advantage we can give ourselves and the universe. Growth happens when we expand our horizons, unleash our potential, and speak our truth in all aspects of our lives.”

Through her coaching work, Beth helps us dig deep to explore and elevate self-expression. This is accomplished in her unique seven different dimension of wellness, health, life, and business.

The first dimension is the physical meaning we all desire to experience optimal health and it starts with a nutritious diet and plenty of rest. The 2nd one is emotional because being self-aware of our authentic feelings is cortical as well. The 3rd one is the spiritual dimension and how by identifying our own fundamental purpose in life we can embrace love, joy, peace, fulfillment, and reach our highest potential. The 4th dimension is social, enabling us to skillfully and effectively interact with others. The key is allowing ourselves to explore, elevate, and expand so we can develop satisfying interpersonal relationships and contribute constructively to our community, family, and friends. The 5th is Intellectual where we deeply ponder and learn from life. The sixth one concerns environmental health since our well-being has a profound impact on the environment. And the seventh dimension is occupational for instance career or business and it focuses on building healthy habits personally and professionally. Ultimately, according to Beth, what matters are all in these seven dimensions.

“We can unequivocally change our toxic environment from the inside out into a magnificently productive one by exploring, elevating and expanding our own life alchemy, living from our soul with an open heart and daily directing our energy. In order to experience synchronization we become a pathway of peace by living a vibrant life of good will rather than combatively.”

Beth says because everything is energy and by being in harmony we have a life of self expression intertwined in these dimensions. That’s why it’s not as much about balance but more about harmonizing and aligning our values, goals, and priorities. What matters to us is always in these seven dimensions.

“Our action is manifested from our very own souls, hearts, and feelings. What if we could allow ourselves to be a loving expression in the world for one another? The potential of this loving expression is limitless for our world and the souls that are here.”

People bring their values together they come from the root of love and how we all desire to be purposeful, meaningful, and live intentionally. She encourages us to express to the world how we are all one in unity and when we light up the world we illuminate one other. That’s why when each of us lives from our core values our unique alchemy of individualism matters and becomes an asset to the people and world around us.

“When we are in a place of calm and peace we can live and appreciate ourselves but the effort starts with focusing the light within and healing ourselves. I am here to help you do that and embrace all the possibilities of a brighter future.”

Close Up Radio will feature Beth Wolfe in a two-part interview on Wednesday August 17th at 1pm EDT with Jim Masters and on Wednesday August 24th at 1pm EDT with Doug Llewelyn

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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