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Kubuntu Focus Announced Back-to-School Sale

KFocus XE ports

KFocus XE sale

The Kubuntu Focus Team has just made getting a Linux system easier and less expensive.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 11, 2022 / -- The Kubuntu Focus Team today announced their back-to-school sale featuring a $50 discount on the fast and ultra-portable Focus XE, starting at $845. Students won’t have to wait either: most orders are “built, tested, and shipped within two business days with no additional express processing fees.” Students can order the XE with up to 64GB of high-speed 3200Mhz Dual-Channel RAM, up to 2TB of 3500 Gbit/s NVMe storage, additional power supplies, and free full disk encryption. Every system uses the 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake-UP3 processor in its most powerful 28W configuration.

“The XE is proven, affordable, and an ideal choice for students who want or need to understand the OS that powers the world’s IT infrastructure and billions of other devices.” says Michael Mikowski, general manager of the Kubuntu Focus Project.
“We think this form factor is great for highly mobile students: not only is it light and fast, but there are no expensive dongles or docks to forget because all the high-speed ports are built-in. You can, for example, easily plug in a camera card or attach multiple 4k monitors where ever you go. Thanks to efficient design and our power optimizations, one can enjoy up to 8 hours of real-world battery life. Just toss it in your backpack and go.”

About Kubuntu Focus

Kubuntu Focus works to provide the best out-of-the-box Linux experience and save customers time every day with these features:

* Carefully selected and configured curated apps
* Hundreds of UX and hardware optimizations
* Unique and useful GUI tools
* Constantly Tested kernels, graphics drivers updates, and desktop upgrades
* Always quality, high-speed NVMe drives and RAM
* Searchable HOWTOs designed specifically for your Focus system
* Live Support via phone, email, or remote session


“The search for a Linux laptop is over. I have been using Linux for over 25 years. Having the right hardware and the right software has always been a challenge. It has always been doable, but in a crafty, artisanal, time-consuming way. It was an art. K-Focus has managed to industrialize this process so that the user has a similar or better experience than on a Mac or Windows.” - Jean-Georges Perrin, author of Spark In Action

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