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Successful leaders, inspired teams, diversity and inclusiveness in WIRAM interactive session at IBM® Talk MaximoWorld

More than 50 women attended yesterday's Women In Reliability and Asset Management session to discuss the advancement of women in the maintenance industry.

a vibrant ecosystem that extends IBM®'s value in the marketplace.”
— Kendra DeKeyrel
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / -- MaximoWorld®, a Reliabilityweb event, is hosting the WIRAM Gathering.

Increasing diversity in reliability and asset management leadership, as well as encouraging the participation of women in the reliability and asset management industry is the mission of WIRAM, the association created by Maura Abad, which has set an important benchmark in the maintenance industry and is growing and gaining greater participation every day. Yesterday afternoon, August 8, the International Conference featured an interactive discussion with women leaders in the industry, led by Abad, Director of the Women in Reliability and Asset Management Group for the AMP Association of Asset Management Professionals. Kendra DeKeyrel, VP of IBM® Asset Management Products; and Gayathri Magie, Director, IBM® Asset Management Solutions; developed brilliant talks on leadership, inclusion and how to achieve, in general, a safer world with greater opportunities for all, thus supporting WIRAM's values, which are based on Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Communication, Help and Collaboration.

Kendra DeKeyrel's talk, Four Secrets of Successful Leadership: How to Inspire and Guide Your Teams, was truly inspiring. DeKeyrel has had a successful career, with over 20 years at IBM, and is an expert in combining data, IoT and AI technologies to deliver greater value and insight to IBM clients, as technology is an excellent tool for solving business problems. She is currently responsible for the overall management and direction of the Maximo® and TRIRIGA® application suites, as well as growing "a vibrant ecosystem that extends IBM®'s value in the marketplace." In this presentation, she addressed issues related to the changes the business world has undergone in the last two years and how leadership becomes an important piece within a completely disruptive environment. "A good leader delivers their best version to the organization to which they belong, inspiring with their example the changes they want to bring about," said DeKeyrel, who uses four basic principles on which she bases her professional success and how to lead the teams she has led, as well as how to adapt to the new paradigms of the business world. In this regard, Maura Abad expressed the importance of this meeting, especially in a unique space such as MaximoWorld®. "The presence of these women leaders here is part of the change we are seeing in the asset management industry, where diversity and inclusiveness foster the achievement of objectives and the clarity of our proposals. We are here because we all have a lot to contribute to this industry" -said the Director of WIRAM for AMP.

Through inclusion, it is possible to improve the skills and opportunities of people who are at a disadvantage due to parameters such as identity or gender. This is why thinking about inclusivity within the framework of business dynamics has become so important, which also underpins one of Reliabilityweb's (MaximoWorld®’s organizer) basic objectives, which is to make the world safer and better for everyone, with no one left behind. Diversity, on the other hand, takes care to include anyone who has the capacity to work in an organization regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity or social background. This has become an element of value for many companies worldwide, opening an interesting compass of innovation, creativity, competitiveness and friendlier work environments. This is precisely what Gayathri Magie, Director of Asset Management Solutions at IBM®, talked about yesterday.
For Gayathri Magie, diversity was the central element of her talk: Diversity - What can we do to drive practical change for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society? Gayathri shared some of her long experience at IBM®, emphasizing how female diversity benefits the workplace. She also explained how changes, however small and subtle they may seem, can pay off when you have a committed stance on diversity and inclusion. Gayatri has been with IBM® since 2001 and has extensive experience in information technology, developing and managing projects, offerings, business and sales. She is Director of Portfolio Development for IBM® Asset Management, Chief Technology Officer of the IBM® Watson IOT Client Center headquarters in Munich, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology in India. Her long years of work in an industry originally led by men allow her to understand the importance of attracting and retaining talent regardless of gender or origin, because it is precisely this that brings value to companies, strengthening and enriching them at every level. MaximoWorld®, leading these principles, has been a meeting place beyond all expectations, for all those who drive and create a better world.

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