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The Forward-thinking Company that is Revolutionizing Translation and Localization

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SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 9, 2022 / -- In a fast-paced, highly developed world, localization and translation have proven to be at the forefront of mass communication and generational invention and understanding. Localization has the ability to transform the communication landscape. It encourages adaptation from a cultural, sociological, and technological perspective. The difference in distinct markets is accounted for during translation and localization. Thus, bringing together a vast group of individuals with the aim of encouraging international comprehension.

A company that has been a pioneer in this endeavor is Future Group. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the language and localization sector, they have proven that the need for their services is paramount to business needs on a global scale. Centrally located in the US and Canada, Future Group acts as the epicentre for translation services and localization. Their experience has surpassed 25 dedicated years in the professional field. Over these years, Future Group has successfully established its reputation as one of the world’s most trusted translation and localization experts.

Future Group is ISO 17100 Certified, has 6000+ in-house translation experts, who have been carefully and rigorously selected, and has worldwide. To date, Future Group has successfully completed, with outstanding results, multiple orders for the globe’s most high-priority clients. Over 500 million words have been translated. The company has extensive experience, proving this through the translation of 700+ language pairs. Additionally, 4000+ Clients are part of the company’s repertoire and community.

The company is aware of the impact that great translation has on the world. With the aim to bridge the gap between language barriers and connect cultures, people and countries, the company has ensured that they are competent in the most relevant fields. Using industry-specific expertise, the company ensures that the translated copy is in line with the field’s objectives. These fields include Education and E-learning, Telecommunication, Life science, sports, Travel and Hospitality, and Information Technology.

Future Group provides translation, content creation, content localization services, content translation services, managed translation services, interpretation services, testing and language quality, multimedia and entertainment localization, and multilingual content publishing. The company ensures that they take on projects and clients which they can provide with the most professional and expert results. In this respect, they ensure that in-depth knowledge of the company, profession and sector is analyzed and applied.

Future Group is the localization and translation expert of choice for multiple cutting-edge, global companies. These include, but are not limited to, Microsoft, Hp, Google, TripAdvisor, Bayer, Novartis, Huawei, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Canon, Intel, and Wyeth.

The company is highly proficient in more than 700 language pairs worldwide. These range from Middle Eastern, African, European, Latin, and Asian. Future Group is not limited by any language, they firmly believe and have proved that they can produce translation services for any language. During the translation/ localization process, Future Group makes use of a process which aims to complete the task in the most successful manner. This process includes resource tracking, effective feedback and analysis, team training, specialized and on-demand training, and the improvement of quality measurements. This process has resulted in companies and their goals, business proposals and propositions, and media and communication objectives being achieved. Additionally, quality checks, reviews, analysis, and professional management ensures that the delivered product is more than satisfactory.

With an executive team of qualified leaders, the company has been transformed into one of the most well-known and world-renowned translation services in the world. The executive team has pioneered the utilization of technology, reliability, quality, flexibility, time, and accessibility in developing a nationally recognized translation business. Future Group also provides translation management software and machine translation software.
Future Group has ultimately provided a platform for the most coveted international projects to be communicated worldwide. The company places emphasis on innovative connection, enhanced communication, and accessibility for all through translation and localization of the highest calibre.

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