MergyCrews describe what it's like to work at MergeRity in a 'fun' work environment

Work Fun, Challenge for Fun, Thinking by Fun!

What it's like to be a MergyCrew?

We can very proudly affirm that at MergeRity, we have a group of people who are deeply committed to their work. We will provide services that will surprise the world.”
— Danny (public relations and communications at MergeRity)

As a startup company, MergeRity is taking the next level in presenting the most unique technology in the world through augmented reality. And just like any other company, the ongoing success of MergeRity would not be possible without a great team working and supporting its process.

MergyCrew’ is the term used for the employees working at MergeRity. CEO Bae-young Myung made sure that before creating a company, he needed an established team whom he can work with to achieve his goals. In connection with this, to give more importance to the company’s employees, MergeRity created their account on Medium, a blog site where employees can share their experiences, read other’s stories and connect to people by being updated on the latest news, product updates, and tips and tricks. On this blog site, MergyCrews describe MergeRity as a company that changes people and changes the world. They describe the culture inside the workplace as a ‘fun’ work environment and define MergeRity as a way over to a new world of experience in virtual reality, and all it takes is imagination.

The MergeRity Culture is the key that has allowed the company to achieve a lot in a short period of time and is the reason why the company's future is filled with great expectations. Their slogan, ‘Work Fun, Challenge for Fun, and Thinking by Fun’ serves as MergyCrew’s belief in work and symbolizes the MergeRity culture. The emphasis for ‘Fun’ is their aspiration of providing an enjoyable time and service for all the users of the app.

On one of their blogs, MergyCrew listed four talents each have gathered in MergeRity, and those are Growth-type talent, Player-type talent, Creative-type talent, and Responsibility-type talent. MergyCrew individually describes these talents and how they affect the work environment and culture. This highlights how employees grow by learning with each other and taking each challenge as their tunnel to the success of the company and the fulfillment of each goal they have set. Their goal is to be considered the most advanced workplace culture, a culture worth experiencing for all job seekers.

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