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Research Firm Uncovers Collusion and Intimidation by Government in U.S. vs Randall Crater and My Big Coin Inc.

Sherloc is a market leading research and competitive intelligence firm

Willful ignorance by CFTC, DOJ, and SEC in Bellwether Case Provides Opportunity to Expose Bad Actors and Threats to Citizens

I didn't know that you could be charged and convicted on something for a company that you don't own or control.”
— Anonymous
UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 / -- “I didn't know that you could be charged and convicted on something for a company that you don't own or control.”
A statement like this one sounds odd. How is being charged and convicted of an alleged crime connected to a company you don't own or control even possible?

As leading market research and competitive intelligence firm SHERLOC discovered, this question is one that the Federal Government of the United States... in particular, the Security and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) needs to answer.

In a new groundbreaking expose, research and intelligence firm SHERLOC looks at the lengths that the Government will go to in order to get a result.

At anyone's expense.

"In this series, keep the phrase ‘might makes right’ close at hand,” said SHERLOC Co-Founder RC Williams. “Here is the definition, from Wikipedia:

'Might makes right or Might is right is an aphorism on the origin of morality, with both descriptive  and prescriptive senses.
Descriptively, it asserts that a society's view of right and wrong is determined by those in power, with a meaning similar to "History is written by the victors". That is, although all people have their personal ideas of the good, only those strong enough to overcome obstacles and enemies can put their ideas into effect and spread their own standards to society at large. Montague defined kratocracy or kraterocracy (from the Greek κρατερός krateros, meaning "strong") as a government based on coercive power, by those strong enough to seize control through physical violence or demagogic manipulation.'”
“The overwhelming amount of evidence of the truth being suppressed... including sworn testimony, collusion between the CFTC and the Federal Courts, willful ignorance, intimidation, threats, and manipulation are impossible to ignore – unless one is complicit and part of crime. And, 'might makes right' is fully in play,” added SHERLOC Co-Founder Julianna Ormond. “If this isn't stopped now, justice will effectively be dead.”

The case is U.S. v. Crater, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, No. 19-cr-10063.

Part One of the SHERLOC Expose is scheduled to be released within the next week. For more information, email or text 925-679-5265.

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