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LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / -- Las Vegas, Nevada, (08/03/2022) Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a marketing company ready to help businesses or charities achieve their client, customer, or donor goals. Groups focusing on dealing with other businesses will want to use the many business postal mailing lists available. These listings include all the relevant contact details, like the name and corporate title of the most appropriate decision makers for these high-volume transactions.
Other companies or organizations may prefer to work with the general public. These groups will want to use the many varied consumer postal mailing lists available. The databases have breakdowns according to both geographic and demographic marketing needs. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to assist both B2B and retail consumer marketing plans.
The Origin Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started with the dreams of a disabled veteran. Military service had been the previous career, performed with diligence and distinction, but the next decision would be to move in a new direction. Instead of a tactical approach, the direction would be economical, such as helping companies to grow by increasing client or customer outreach. A start-up was put together for this goal, and today, that firm proudly boasts staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made its debut in the marketing sector on the eve of a major shift. The traditional media platforms like radio and print advertising continued their dominance, but digital marketing had already established a small but significant presence that was getting attention from industry experts. The company’s initial focus was on the direct mail area, a choice that fortuitously taught crucial skills in data acquisition, management, and analytics. When digital marketing, as expected, became a new channel that businesses wanted to utilize, the company was already in a strategic position to integrate digital marketing into its repertoire of services. This resulted in an early mover advantage that boosted its gains and that of its clients.
Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing expanded its service range well past its initial limitation of only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The rest of North America is now serviced, including Canada and Mexico. Businesses wanting to go international can cross the Atlantic and use databases for markets in the European Union like France.
B2B Can Be International
The United States, unlike the majority of European nations, is fortunate to coexist on the continent with a country and culture that shares many crucial similarities. Canada, though bilingual with French as its other official language, still communicates primarily in English. Its culture, religion, and value system are all similar to the United States, and hostilities between the two nations are so low that the continent enjoys the longest undefended border in the world.
For American organizations, this creates an entire other country with a B2B market that can be accessed with little of the same difficulty typically involved in approaching the market for another country. The only major Federal and legal hurdle with regard to marketing products and services in Canada is the bilingual requirement of including French language text for packaging.
A Logistics Opportunity
Another area where approaching Canadian businesses provides major advantages is logistics. Transport and shipping are very manageable for those that offer products, not services, on a B2B basis. While it is technically shipping to another country, in most cases, logistics can still work via land-based alternatives like rail and trucking; cargo freighters and air transport are not the only alternatives available.
Because of this proximity and similar language, cultural and logistical standards, approaching Canadian businesses in every industry, whether medical, retail or even industrial, is entirely feasible. Canadian companies often use American products and services alongside local alternatives, so marketing a new product or service can rapidly expand the business into a new foreign market without the usual high cost of initial investment to establish a presence there.
Reaching Canadian Business Owners
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has listings of Canadian business owners all over the country. Listings can be done to approach Canada business owners on a national scale, but the scope can be narrowed to a specific region like the maritime provinces. Targeting can also be limited to a single province, like Ontario. It’s even possible to target only Canadian businesses in a single neighborhood of a town or city, such as Bloor businesses in Toronto.
Databases can be organized by specific demographic requirements when targeting the public. It’s possible to divide databases by ethnicity, such as only Asian-Canadians. Demographics can also be categorized by religious affiliations, such as only active Catholics. Financial rankings are also available if there’s a priority to target only high-net-worth individuals.
Contact details are available in any format required. Physical mailing addresses are provided for direct mail campaigns, and email addresses are available for digital marketing plans. Home and business phone numbers are available if telemarketing strategies are preferred. Even cell phone numbers can be requested for text/SMS-based marketing.
For clients interested in hands-on management of a direct mail campaign but lacking experience turnkey, direct mail solutions are available. The service takes clients through all steps of the direct mail process. It begins with the planning of concepts and designs, moves to manufacturing and printing materials, and concludes with distribution using the required databases. All of this happens under one roof, forgoing the usual need to source and vet the different vendors for each stage of the process.
If you want to market to Canada business owners, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran

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