Justice For Hire, the cinematic universe that lives in the ReelwUrld app, is looking for their next Superhero star

ReelwUrld Shot by Thais Aquino

ReelwUrld Shot by Thais Aquino

Users of the ReelwUrld app Photo Credit Somnang Vann

Users of the ReelwUrld app Photo Credit Somnang Vann

Justice for Hire stars film a scene for the show Photo Credit Somnang Vann

Justice for Hire stars film a scene for the show Photo Credit Somnang Vann

The cinematic superhero universe Justice For Hire is holding an Action Scene Remake Competition to find the their next Superhero star!

Our JFH Competition provides a platform for individuals to express their inner hero/heroine in a creative fashion inspired by some of our most iconic action films to date.”
— Demetrius Angelo, Founder/Executive Producer - Urban Action Showcase & Expo

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dream of being a superhero? Don't wait for Hollywood to notice. Users of the ReelwUrld™ app don't have to! ReelwUrld is a social network where everything you post is part of a movie or TV show. Their first show Justice for Hire (JFH) is their original Intellectual Property (IP) and the world’s first crowdsourced cinematic universe. The JFH cast includes hundreds of characters created and portrayed by fans worldwide.

The pioneer of social filmmaking ReelwUrld has partnered with The Urban Action Showcase (UAS), a premiere action-genre film festival whose founding sponsor is Warner Bros., to bring new talent from JFH–the first martial arts-themed show produced by creators worldwide on an app–into the UAS community. They've joined forces to present the JFH Action Scene Remake Competition as part of the UAS 10th Anniversary celebration in Times Square, New York on November 4 & 5th, 2022.

The goal is to connect up-and-coming talent, whether mobile creators or traditional filmmakers, with opportunities in the action film business.

Users have a shot at winning a professionally produced scene in the JFH show and other prizes just by recreating scenes from existing superhero and martial arts films. JFH is offering more than prizes to would-be contestants with space to train for their action scenes; JFH has partnered with martial arts schools on both coasts and more, including:

In Los Angeles - Shaolin American Self Defense Academy led by Sensei Donnie Jeffcoat (actor from The Wonder Years, Sliders).
In New York - NY Best Kickboxing led by martial arts historian Sifu David Ross.
In Allen, Texas - John Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu led by John Machado (Keanu Reeves' John Wick trainer).

RECREATE a scene in your own way, playing YOUR OWN CHARACTER, using any of these films as inspiration:

The Dark Knight Rises
The Transporter
Jackie Chan's Supercop
The 5 Deadly Venoms

Here's how to enter:
Go to JusticeForHire.app on your mobile phone.
Join the cast as a Hero or Villain.
Accept the Urban Action Showcase Challenge and upload your submission.

The finalists will be screened at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo during the JFH Panel in the Fall by a panel of Hollywood filmmakers and martial arts action icons.
1st Place - A TROPHY, BluRays of all the films, and your own professionally produced scene in the JFH show.
2nd Place - BluRays and swag.
3rd Place - BluRay and swag.​
Submit via your Mobile Device Only through The Justice For Hire App.
Submission Deadline: September 9, 2022

About Justice For Hire
Justice For Hire is the inaugural show from ReelwUrld, the first social film studio focused on making movies and shows with the audience as stars, directors, and producers. JFH benefits from ReelwUrld's board of advisors, including Jeff Gomez (advisor to Disney's Marvel & Star Wars franchises) and former FBI Negotiator Chip Massey. Justice For Hire is about an entrepreneur who made an app like "Uber for heroes"—everyday people can hire a hero or become one and get paid.

About ReelwUrld™
ReelwUrld™ is a social network where everything you post is part of a movie/TV show. They've built patent-pending technology that acts like a film studio in your pocket. Anyone with a phone can join and create! Just like social media, but within a story that connects all of the content and makes the users the stars of the show!

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