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Georgetown Behavioral Hospital Releases Guide on Overcoming Negative Coping Mechanisms Like Self-Medicating

Overcoming Self-Medicating

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has released a guide on overcoming negative coping mechanisms such as self-medicating. Some people living with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety can have symptoms that are difficult to cope with. When this happens, some people may turn to drugs or alcohol to help temporarily bring relief.

Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs can temporarily make someone feel better, but that goes away and may leave them to continue taking substances to relieve their symptoms. Some people may not realize they have a mental illness but recognize that something is wrong. And without professional diagnosis and guidance, they may not have the right tools to cope with their mental health illness healthily.

Alcohol or illicit drugs can be extremely harmful when used for self-medicating. It may seem to work well for a short period, but turning to substances can often lead to addiction. Self-medicating can be harmful for many reasons, including:

• Relying on alcohol to get through simple tasks, social events, or relax.
• Drugs or alcohol can help momentarily escape symptoms of mental illness but will not address their underlying cause.
• Drugs and alcohol can worsen mental illness symptoms, such as alcohol making some feel more depressed or stimulants triggering mania.
• Using drugs or alcohol to cope with a mental illness can lead to a substance abuse disorder or addiction.

This type of negative coping mechanism can have long-lasting consequences on someone’s life. Learning how to cope with mental health issue symptoms healthily allows someone to reframe their thoughts, so their feelings begin to change. A therapist or psychiatrist can help people learn healthy coping techniques and give them tools to stop self-medicating.

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital offers quality care from a caring staff and effective, evidence-based programs. If you or someone you know is struggling with severe mental health problems, they should visit the website to learn more about the hospital’s mental health inpatient care programs.

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