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WindShape, Inc. Announces United States Headquarters

WindShape can recreate any kind of flight condition in a controlled environment

New United States Headquarters will establish wind / micro-weather test center for drones

The problem that WindShape solves is, that testing commercial drones are expensive & inefficient. The tests are limited in repeatability, and are missing the data for validation & compliance.”
— Guillaume Catry, co-founder and CEO of WindShape
SYRACUSE, NY, USA, August 2, 2022 / -- WindShape, Inc., today announced the establishment of its United States Headquarters in Syracuse, New York, expanding upon its presence in Geneva, Switzerland.

WindShape is a manufacturer of drone testing solutions and services, bringing drones to market, one test at a time.

The problem that WindShape solves is, that testing drones today for commercial operations are expensive & inefficient. These drone tests are also limited in repeatability, and are usually missing the digital tools to capture the needed data for validation & compliance.

“WindShape solves this problem by providing the missing link for the commercial drone industry, to realize actionable insights for desired testing outcomes, such as: quantifying the data that’s collected, capturing sufficient data to support mitigations, and validating those mitigations for manufacturers, operators and regulatory agencies,” said Guillaume Catry, co-founder and CEO of WindShape.

“WindShape can emulate any kind of flight condition in a controlled environment” Catry continued. “We use a digital wind generator made of thousands of wind pixels (fans), to generate different wind & weather conditions in a lab environment.”

About WindShape Corporation

WindShape Corporation is a global leader in wind / micro-weather drone testing solutions. The WindShape flagship product is next generation technology that uses patented “wind pixels” to independently control and emulate all types of real wind and weather conditions in a controlled environment. WindShape’s testing services & solutions will also allow the drone to be free flight tested indoors, with repeatability for mitigation, design & development, validation, and compliance.


Jay Shears; VP, Business Development
WindShape, Inc.

WindShape Drone Test Solutions – “Bringing drones to market one test at a time”