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A Time Outside of Time When There was Hope for a Better World

Once Upon A Time

People Must Remember There is Such a Place as Normal

"Only the ego thinks if someone can get the outside world where they want it, everything will fall together on the inside.” ”
— Ernie L Vecchio

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 / -- Emotional, psychological, and spiritual health must come with an established equilibrium. No philosophy or theory worth its salt lacks this path to balance. According to Trauma Psychologist Ernie L Vecchio his Humane Spectrum presents a person's journey as measurable in degrees of benevolence—compassion for oneself and others. He suggests people are part of an intentional and guiding evolution: “Human beings must remember there is such a place as normal and it began as a time outside of time when each person represented hope for a better world. A developmental stage when a person's inside world was aligned with itself and absent of outside interference. Few understand that the body remembers this time. Only the ego thinks if someone can get the outside world where they want it, everything will fall together on the inside.”

The worth of having an inside-out perspective of the human condition means congruence is attainable for everyone. It is a process that aligns people with each other and the planet. In this context, human development and evolution are on the same path. Stigma disappears because there is no right-wrong place to be in the process. On such a spectrum people gain answers for not only when, where, and who they are, they discover with a degree of certainty what and why? The Humane Spectrum’s integrative-holistic-diagnostic connects people with their coaches, mental health professionals, fitness gurus, health educators, and exercise physiologists like nothing that precedes it. He explains, “Not only is it a valid status report of where someone truly is along their physical, emotional, and psychological journey, it is a reliable x-ray for preventive care. Everyone has experienced what it feels like to be lost in the meanderings of a misguided ego. An integrative-holistic-diagnostic offers people a reliable map to find their way out of the dark.”

In an age where politics has become the new religion, a pandemic has exposed the human shadow, and a humanitarian crisis has risen from an unprovoked war, our mental health could not be more important. Struggling to meet this demand is overwhelming and misses those who need it most. Imagine being able to use all these sobering adversities in a constructive way, one that views human beings more than computers simply needing cognitive restructuring. While thousands of cases continue to fuel our mental health statistics, adversity along the Humane Spectrum is self-correcting and ethical by design. Impacting everyone, it challenges those with the desire and focus to compassionately reset their lives. Vecchio’s work teaches people how to suffer, a profound perspective born out of treating thousands of trauma patients. He reminds, “This guidance is coming from, to, and for real people. How can it be ignored?”

What clinics, hospitals, private practices, and even universities are finding out is that you can hire as many counselors or psychotherapists as possible, but it still does not totally meet the demand of our time. The advantage of an integrative-holistic diagnostic and Humane Spectrum is that it provides people a measure of their process but also offers them a goal. It summarizes their acquired life wisdom versus question, label, or doubt its worth. The Humane Spectrum orients everyone to the task of being human and does so without judgment or stigma. It is a take on the human condition that promotes evolution versus implying that such personal growth is only possible for a select few. Vecchio is announcing his availability to large media platforms encouraging them to inquire about his work, a perspective that advances mental health into the future.

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