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New TV Show “Rescue Addiction” Starts Production, Starring Jermaine J. Williams

Jermaine J. Williams

Jermaine J. Williams

Series dives deep into drug and alcohol crisis situations

PENSACOLA, FLA., UNITED STATES, August 1, 2022 / -- Jermaine J. Williams, a recovering drug addict and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, today announced that his “Rescue Addiction” team has begun production on its new pilot. “Rescue Addiction” is an unscripted, hour-long show following Williams, a former rapper, as he helps people who are in the depths of crisis to break out of denial and address serious addictions.

The series is timely. It focuses on Williams’ efforts and dedication as he strives to make significant changes through his community outreach conversation program.

“The level of addiction in the black community has reached a tipping point, where one in five people are addicted to something - drugs, alcohol or any addictive and harmful behavior,” said Williams.

There has been a great deal of publicity and compassion around the opioid epidemic affecting suburban white America, but little empathy has been shown to the black community, which is losing children and parents to addiction on a daily basis. Treatment resources are limited in communities of color, while the stigma is at an all time high.

Williams explained, “My goal with ‘Rescue Addiction’ is to bring to light the deepest, darkest truth of how addiction can rip people apart and eventually lead them to despair and suicide if there is no intervention. ‘Rescue Addiction’ brings the viewer behind the scenes to see the ugliness of what addiction is, how it destroys people and families and takes them to a place where what is most important to them leads them away from whom and what they love, toward tragedy, trauma and death.”

Williams possesses a wonderful level of compassion. He draws the viewer into the experience of how he is able to reach people who are lost in their addictions to many substances, whether alcohol, oxycodone, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, codeine and self-harming behaviors.

Williams, originally from Pensacola, Florida bases his new TV series on the qualities of reality and empathy. The series will be filmed in Pensacola. “You never know what someone is going through,” he said. “If you see a smile on someone’s face, it may be covering up true feelings of sadness and trauma. Because of the stigma of addiction and suicidal ideation, sometimes we can never know the level of pain behind those smiles.”

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