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A Kandiid Konversation W/ Tyler Roper; as he Discusses Marketing, Real Estate, and the Development of The Kandiid App

Tyler Roper Kandiid

Tyler Roper

Kandiid App's Tyler Roper discusses the birth of the Social Marketplace Platform

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2022 / -- These days, Mr. Tyler Roper can be found closing real estate deals while sitting on the beach drinking Mai-tai’s. However, the backstory paints a different picture! So where Tyler is today? The story begins in 2014, while a freshman at the University of South Carolina studying Mechanical Engineering. Tyler, like many first-year students, found himself shuffling through the book of life looking for a way to establish his existence. Tyler has always had a passion for real estate and advertising for as long as he could remember, but needed a Kickstarter to ignite his fire. As a Junior, Tyler began to put his entrepreneurial mindset to work by attempting several small ventures which yielded significant gains; however, not having enough revenue to satisfy his thirst. In the process of networking, Tyler occasionally would make visits to his local financial institution where he hosted his business account. It was there; through casual conversation with a young executive, that he found someone with the same energy and desire to innovate. As the conversations became more frequent, Tyler and Antoine McLaughlin began to collaborate on ideas in the realm of technology which matured into a healthy business friendship.

Antoine McLaughlin, a previous student himself, came up with a special idea of creating an app. Not just any app, but an app that would ultimately revolutionize the social networking landscape. After months of brainstorming, cold pizza, and pitchers of beer, the vision and identity for the app was born, “Kandiid”. The name and likeness of the App was created from the vision of providing a social marketplace that would turn everyday users into entrepreneurs. From the initial logo, to the backend, Kandiid was conceived and birthed in the living room of Antoine’s two-bedroom apartment in Columbia, South Carolina. Although Kandiid was Antoine’s second start-up, Tyler had no previous knowledge of the tech world and felt intimidated in the beginning stages. Within weeks, the fear he once had was short lived, Antoine took Tyler under his wings and the two were off visiting programmers and developers to advise on the prototype. At this juncture, Tyler found himself turning the corner at the University of South Carolina in his studies and needed a Leap Credit to fulfill his degree. Despite opposition from professors initially, it was agreed that an internship at Kandiid would suffice as the prerequisite for the credit needed to graduate. Thinking back, Tyler may be the first student to intern for a company that he co-founded. In hindsight, Tyler was Kandiid’s first intern and now runs the Internship program for the company. Go figure!

Three years into the Kandiid app, Tyler has seen amazing growth in both the addition of team members and in the advances in technology. What started as a prototype, is now today one of the most recognized apps when it comes to monetizing content. In addition to heading up the Intern program, Tyler is considered a “Star Player” of the company for his vision, flexibility, and all around contributions in which he’s been called to perform in just about every facet. The team at Kandiid is composed of everyday individuals driven to create a great user experience by providing them with the resources they need to be successful. The duty of identifying talent and developing individual skill sets is an ability that comes naturally for Tyler. Many leaders oversee performance, however, Tyler's main focus is on the strategy and execution of Kandiid. Tyler has constructed a team of interns that he feels confident in their abilities, aptitudes, and intentions for the application. Under his guidance, the app has flourished since its public launch in August of 2021. To date, the app has placed as the #71 downloaded applications on the market. In just five months,’ the Kandiid app has been loaded with upgrades and is set to revolutionize the way consumers market content.

In October of 2021, Tyler witnessed the turning point for the kandiid app. The moment was an interview on the syndicated morning show, The Breakfast Club, in which shareholder and rapper Soulja Boy gave Kandiid an official endorsement and urged listeners to download the app. The interview solidified Kandiid’s arrival in the market and began a new chapter for the app. The traditional methods in which consumers purchase and listen to music, film, and stream will transition in the near future to a digital format sold in the Metaverse. Entertainers are the newest addition to the NFT craze which are secured blockchain-based records that translate into pieces of digital media that can be bought and sold with mediums such as cryptocurrencies. Kandiid is the perfect solution offering the first of its kind, “The Klub'' feature which opens the doors to the metaverse with a click of a button. Users can post, shop, and market through crypto which translates to real money across the metaverse. Whether the user is an entertainer, or a grandmother knitting quilts on the weekend, Kandiid serves as a resting place for their works, socializing, or perhaps monetizing, Kandiid is the perfect place to make a statement of ownership that showcases unlimited potential. Kandiid was created on the premise of empowering everyday individuals to hold candid memories by creating albums and assessing value to their content. Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “Judgement Free Zone”, which simply means comments are disabled to encourage true expression.

Today, Tyler Roper continues to contribute to Kandiid as a key Director handling the day-to-day inner workings of personnel. In addition, he is also a licensed realtor with RE/MAX operating as the Director of Marketing in Charleston, South Carolina. From freelance consulting to volunteering his time to local non profit organizations, Tyler enjoys the simplicity of life and believes that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. “Trusting the process, and slowing down to smell the flowers' ' is a familiar idiom frequently murmured from his mentor, Antoine McLaughlin that Tyler lives by today. When asked “what’s next”, Tyler smiles and replies, “I will continue to push Kandiid, until the platform is recognized as the world’s greatest resource. Then, and only then, will I pursue my dream of purchasing a van, traveling the country recruiting interns' . ~ Tyler Roper

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About Kandiid
Kandiid is a social media platform designed and created as one of the Pioneers of the social marketplace. Kandiid boasts the first of its kind, “The Klub” feature which allows users to monetize from content created. Antoine stands behind the phrase, “Your Network is Your Networth'', and believes everyone is a Kreator. Antoine built Kandiid on the premise of empowering everyday individuals to hold candid memories by creating albums and assessing a value to their content. Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “Judgement Free Zone”, which means comments are disabled to encourage true expression. The objective for Antione is simple, “Kandiid is a vehicle of content driven by the people ''. The power of creativity should be in the hands of the user; therefore, Kandiid will never shadow band or censor the user's content, unless it crosses the lines of hate. Antoine Mclaughlin has the vision and passion for excellence, and Kandiid is an example of his hard work and dedication personified to push the culture forward.

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