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Author Releases Pivotal Book “Dear Children of the World” Offering Guidance and Advice When There is Trauma

Cynthia Tatum Robinson

Cynthia Tatum Robinson creates gentle conversation starter for elementary-age children to express feelings about the world

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / -- Author Cynthia Tatum Robinson today announced the release of her significant new book, “Dear Children of the World.” With the increase in mass shootings and violent crimes, this book is being hailed as a vital guide for parents and a gentle conversation starter for elementary school-aged children about crisis situations close to home or happening in the world.

Robinson has opened the door for safe conversations about tragedy, yet reminding children of the beauty in our world despite global news events. “Dear Children of the World” equips parents to invite appropriate dialogue based on a child’s age and maturity level. Rockmond Robinson, a school mental health counselor, contributed to the book to include a mental health resource guide for parents.

“As parents and guardians, our hearts break when we hear of violence in the world,” said prolific author and educator, Cynthia Tatum Robinson. “Finding the best way to communicate about a tragedy with our young ones is challenging, especially with the frequency of crisis events, where we say: ‘Not Again!’ When unbelievable global violence and tragedy happen in what seem to be an almost daily occurrence, a child’s perception of life could present with fear and anger, often creating confusion and trauma.”

Robinson explained, “With the increase in violence, parents and caregivers need a gentle resource to help elementary-age children understand and accept recent, unfortunate events in our daily lives. It is incredibly important to always convey hope, happiness and courage for the future, along with recognizing the positives in life. ‘Dear Children of the World’ reminds young readers of the simple wonders, joy and beauty around us.”

“As an author it is exciting and gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a new writing project,” Robinson shared. This time, my new book release creates mixed emotions based on the sensitive subject matter. ‘Dear Children of the World’ gently explains that we will experience times when the choices of others make us sad, temporarily keeping us from seeing the true beauty of the world.”

“Dear Children of the World” is a valuable resource to help parents share crisis news with their elementary-aged children. Children will somehow always hear of tragedy and as much as a parent can, it makes such a difference being the one to guide the conversations. Instead of sensationalism based in fear and panic, parents need to find ways to communicate about tragedy with young ones. As a mother of four, Robinson took great care in crafting this book in a tender way for children and provides adults the flexibility to expand the dialogue at a level appropriate for their own child. The end-of-book parent resource guide includes best practices recommended by mental health counselors for young people who experience hearing about or being part of a tragic situation.

“Dear Children of the World” is available on Amazon NOW. The author acknowledges that the book creates difficult conversations but is necessary for every family. She adds, “Maybe one day there will no longer be a need for this book.”

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