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Ramesh Chaurasia's insights on providing women the upliftment and freedom with opportunities in the startup era

Ramesh Chaurasia appreciates that flourishing startups are creating competitive opportunities and dignity for women and is hopeful that it continues.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 26, 2022 / -- Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia believes that men and women are the wheels of a cart and are legitimate beneficiaries of equal rights. He admits that despite being overburdened at work, women fail to receive equal pay and management positions in the industry. However, Mr. Chaurasia agrees that startups are creating praisable opportunities for women. He quotes, “I appreciate that flourishing startups are creating competitive opportunities for women they deserve."

With several feats achieved by entrepreneurs across the country, startups have become the most-searched topic on the internet. It has also taken educational institutions, young minds, and the entertainment industry by storm.

The government has taken several initiatives to support young entrepreneurs and foster their ideas and visions with the required resources. People in various fields and sectors have benefitted and gotten desirable opportunities to put their hard work and talent to the best use. As a result, many women are emerging as great leaders and flourishing with their startups powering innovations in industries like real estate, healthcare, tech, finance, etc.

A firm advocate for women’s rights, Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia, aims to foster women to voice their opinions strongly across all sectors and fields. He believes it will not only lead to glorious changes by bringing a shift in women’s role in society but also pave the way for the younger generation with guidance.

Besides giving rise to employment and huge leaps in innovation and technology, it is refreshing and inspiring to see startups overlooking the old societal bars of gender to choose potential candidates as per their qualifications and achievements.

“A society can only flourish and thrive if its people project visions that will create a positive impression for the next generation to learn and share. With many such examples in the past and recent times, women have held powerful positions by leading blooming companies successfully”, says Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia.

On an individual and collective level, Mr. Chaurasia, along with his team, takes the responsibility of educating people about the importance and advantages of startups bestowing women with opportunities. He takes it upon himself to provide the best to his capability to elevate the ladder for women and communicate within others as well.

En route to modifying the age-old beliefs, Mr. Chaurasia and his team conducted virtual and offline sessions. These sessions foster the idea of women’s involvement in businesses and decision-making in organizations. Events were held in significantly-backward regions to stimulate the minds to bring a positive change in the role of women in households and at workplaces. Along with his team across the country, Mr. Chaurasia teamed up with successful women in their respective fields to come up and form a community that raises awareness about quality education and opportunities for women.

With his positive attitude of seeing the sun after a cloudy day, Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia has gone to great lengths in order to help entrepreneurship and the new wave of startups get the required recognition while also fighting the lack of opportunities and positions given to women.

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia
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