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Localization and Translation for Africa and the Middle East

The rising importance of Africa and the Middle East and the languages are spoken there to global trade

GIZA, GIZA, EGYPT, July 28, 2022 / -- Not many Europeans speak Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Turkish, yet there is a growing need for these language skills. Why? Because business is booming in the Middle East and Western organizations are jostling to get a slice of the cake. The same goes for Africa and the predominant African languages. Swahili (spoken by 200 million), Yoruba (45 million), Fula (30 million). The advantage will always be had by those organizations and individuals with whom communication is the easiest – hence the importance of linguistic agility.

On the back of the stresses and strains of the global reaction to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) look to be the only region seeing an improvement in their economic prospects. Rising oil prices and a raft of government reforms are largely to thank for a slight corresponding rise in prosperity, and engagement with emerging MENA markets and institutions is becoming ever more interesting for the West.

Business opportunities are also driven by a rising local population (expected to grow by approximately a quarter by 2030) and an accompanying increase in young, well-educated talent. This means that there is a good pool of skilled candidates for local employers. All of these factors can be seen to be driving the current growth in commerce and industry in MENA countries and states.

There are many positive signs around doing business post-pandemic in both the Middle East and Africa. The pace of change, both culturally and technologically, is dramatic at present, and accompanied by a plethora of opportunities. Gender parity has become a hot topic but still varies from country to country and state to state, and predictably there are clashes between traditionalism and modernism. The UAE seems to be ahead of the majority of the Middle East with regard to gender parity, and there is a resulting boom in opportunities for women in business. Relationships are key to doing business successfully, and excellent communication is the foundation of good relationships, as it is all over the world.

Africa is rapidly urbanizing too, and a World Bank Doing Business Index in 2019 found 5 of the 10 most improved countries in the world were in Africa. Incomes are growing and many of the businesses moving away from China in light of human rights concerns are shifting operations to Africa, making it the world’s next great manufacturing centre. The potential for exploring and
exporting oil and gas is considered very exciting and Africa’s agricultural and mineral resources are likely to experience increased demand too.

Making a splash in lucrative local markets by localizing communications and marketing into a Middle Eastern or African language will get the business noticed. The demand for language services in these areas is growing, a sure indicator that business is booming. Organizations realize that prospective clients will be most aware of and connect first with those who communicate locally in the local language, which makes them the most approachable and the easiest to do business with.

Future Trans has led the MENA translation sector for over 25 years, embracing innovation and cutting-edge translation techniques to consistently deliver our clients top-quality, purse-friendly translation and localization solutions. We use the latest versions of quality assurance and project management tools, consistently keeping our projects on track and meeting customer expectations.

Committed to providing the highest standards in translation and localization to our clients, Future Trans believes that keeping abreast of developments in translation technology is the key to our success today – delivering fast, accurate translations, every time. The integration of ISO17100 into its already impressive technology base is a vital step forward in achieving these goals.

We have made a promise to our customers to always deliver top-class Arabic translation and localization services to help them access new markets, connect with new customers and achieve new milestones for their companies. Our services act as a bridge between cultures, providing easy global access to local markets.

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