Dr. Winifred Bragg Publishes Third Installment in Her Best-Selling Bragg Factor Series

“How To Create Your Bragg Book For a Competitive Job Market” is designed to help professionals gain the confidence to advocate for themselves

NORFOLK, VIRGINA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Winifred Bragg – the physician and nationally-recognized speaker in corporate leadership and professional development – is proud to announce the publication of “How To Create Your Bragg Book For a Competitive Job Market”, the third installment in her best-selling self-help series, TheBraggFactor®.

Published on Amazon.com on June 8th, the book applies Bragg’s 5-step framework to help job seekers and professionals achieve success through realizing and communicating their own value. The other volumes in the series are a version of the “Bragg Book” for college students as they enter the job market, and “Dreams Without Goals are Nightmares”, which covers the often-overlooked skill of goal-setting.

“I see so many professionals, especially women, sell themselves short and lose momentum at pivotal moments in their careers,” commented Dr. Bragg. “TheBraggFactor® system is founded on my belief that nobody can sing your praises better than yourself. Bragg may be my name, but for me the extra ‘G’ in the title stands for gratitude, as learning to include gratitude when “bragging” is a vital part of the framework.”

Dr. Bragg has created a series of seminars based on the book series that she customizes for a wide range of audiences, including business owners, women’s groups, team leaders, and university students.

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