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Royal Cyber Launches Securacloud to Protect Cloud Security and Compliance

Royal Cyber Launches Securacloud

Royal Cyber Launches Securacloud to Protect Cloud Security and Compliance

Secure Cloud Assets and Eliminate Risk with Royal Cyber's Securacloud

Secure Cloud Assets and Eliminate Risk with Royal Cyber's Securacloud

Royal Cyber, a global IT company, has launched Securacloud, their latest cloud security solution, to help companies stay ahead of threats and compliance risks.

With Securacloud, we created a cloud security solution for companies that don't have cloud experts. Companies can achieve compliance and cybersecurity without disrupting their cloud environment.”
— Sumair Baloch
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- Royal Cyber, a global IT consulting company that helps accelerate next-gen digital transformation across modern businesses, has recently unveiled its latest cloud platform security solution- Securacloud. Securacloud is a SaaS-based CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) tool, which companies can plug and play within their cloud infrastructure to analyze and remediate potential cybersecurity threats and risks to their compliance status.

Developed by our cloud security and app development experts, Securacloud helps companies stay on top of their regulatory compliance frameworks and tracks configurations on a microscopic level to ensure there are no vulnerabilities malicious third parties can exploit.

The key features of Securacloud include:
1. All-in-one Dashboard: Keep track of compliance status per specified frameworks (HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, SOC-2, etc.), critical risks, map security compliance, and overall configuration compliance.

2. Cloud Accounts: With a centralized dashboard for all the cloud accounts, companies can keep track of their cloud assets across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

3. 800+ Plugins and Controls: With over 800+ plugins and controls for configurations, we provide filters according to the cloud provider and service in question so that developers can choose which risk they need details about and which to remediate immediately.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud adoption by companies has skyrocketed, with the spending on cloud services forecasted to reach $1.3mn by 2025. However, low visibility across IT infrastructure and virtual private cloud platforms, shortage of skilled personnel to manage CSPM solutions, and companies' difficulty in adhering to continuous changes in compliance frameworks were the principal drivers behind the Royal Cyber team building their CSPM product.

By integrating Securacloud into the cloud infrastructure, businesses can expect the following benefits:

• Scan and report across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments
• Schedule automated scans and remediation measures
• Access based on Role-based IAM framework
• Get 360° visibility of cloud-native resources
• Receive Priority Alerts wherever you are

And finally, if you face any difficulties with remediation, you can approach our experts, who provide real-time assistance. Securacloud’s MultiCloudScan technology secures businesses' need to maintain commercial flexibility regarding virtual private cloud hosting. When explaining how Securacloud aims to differentiate itself from its competitors, our global cloud practice head Sumair Baloch does it best. "With Securacloud, we intend to create a cloud security solution for companies who don't possess highly skilled cloud resources. With automated checks and remediation and easy access to expert assistance, companies can achieve automated compliance management and cybersecurity with minimal disruption to their unique cloud hosting infrastructure and zero spending on security experts."

Besides Securacloud, Royal Cyber offers consulting and managed services to leverage the Big Three cloud providers- AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our experts provide services across various industries in multiple areas, including app development, cloud migration strategy, cloud data analytics, and much more.
Our round-the-clock support and ability to align cloud services with business requirements have helped us win several accolades, including- Best Cloud Consulting Company 2021 and Top Cloud Consulting Company 2020. Get in touch with us today to leverage 20+ years of experience as a digital transformation enterprise.
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