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Stephanie Graham, the Woman Known as the Shopologist, is Helping Women Own Their Power in 2022 and Beyond

Stephanie Graham, The Shopologist

She started her career as a housewife looking to generate extra income and became one of the most influential thought leaders for women today

I want to be able to help women change their lives not just by shopping, but by using multiple strategies to build wealth. Over the past couple years, we’ve helped women around the globe make millions”
— Stephanie Graham, The Shopologist
DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / -- Stephanie Graham, the woman who has become famous for helping other women make full-time incomes from shopping, has now surpassed a new milestone in 2022. Graham has now helped more than 300,000 women (many of whom are stay at home moms) generate income through shopping. She is helping change the face of how women are achieving success in a post-pandemic world.

As the founder of ‘Ask the Shopologist’, Stephanie Graham has built a small army of powerful women ready to take on the world. She is the co-author of the best-selling book Love Your Haters, she is a Zig Ziglar certified trainer who has shared the stage with dignitaries (including past presidents and world-renowned leaders) and other notables such as Tim Draper, John McAfee, Saransh Sharma, Eric Worre, Marie Diamond and many more. Mrs Graham has been featured on multiple podcasts including “Finding a Genius” podcast, and is also co-founder of Cardio Crypto.

Graham came to prominence and captured the hearts of many women after she matched her husband’s income (who is an airline pilot) in just 8 months. She referenced finding the magic in combining her favorite hobbies with a way to generate a healthy income, “I love shopping, and I found a way to both have fun while working and help hundreds of thousands of other women make money shopping as well. We have the greatest group of ladies who are powerful and are action takers. I am lucky to work with the best women on the planet!”

She has since become a recognized thought leader and women’s empowerment figure focused on helping women become their best selves and has built a large team of women who generate money from shopping.

With her brand ‘Ask the Shopologist’ she has developed a proven winning strategy to master the art of shopping smart by getting paid for what she was already doing (for free previously). She knew she needed to share these methods and tips with others so they too could do the same thing. She recently added additional product lines to her catalog such as the MIT45 Boost and MITGo gel as she references them as “Top shelf products that will help the world”.

What drives Stephanie Graham is much more than generating extra income. She describes it as, “I want to be able to help women change their lives not just by shopping, but by using multiple strategies to build wealth. Over the past couple years, we’ve also helped women around the globe make millions through the intelligent application of crypto and more.” It’s easy to see why she inspires many around her. Stephanie now has more than 300,000 women in her group with a burning desire to achieve success. Together, they’re ready to take on the world.

While Mrs. Graham has already achieved a significant impact, she has only just begun. As a visionary she has dreams of impacting millions of more women and with the recent work and partnerships she has lined up, she is well on her way to turning that into a reality. She has said she won’t slow down until she achieves her goal.


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