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Leading European developer of medical software revealed new AI-driven modules for MSK imaging diagnostics

ImageBiopsy team at the ECR 2022

ImageBiopsy team at the ECR 2022

ImageBiopsy Lab revealed additions to their portfolio of musculoskeletal AI modules at the ECR 2022 in Vienna, addressing two further more disease indications.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, July 22, 2022 / -- ImageBiopsy Lab — announced the release of two new modules within their AI-based imaging diagnostics platform on the 15th of July at ECR 2022, which will provide new perspectives on simplifying and automating assessments of a wider range of musculoskeletal conditions, now also including scoliosis and spine fracture detection. Early discussions on these modules have already raised a high interest from physicians and large medical institutions in the EU and US, which opens significant growth opportunities for the company and strengthens its position as a leading provider of AI-driven medical applications for MSK imaging diagnostics.

IB Lab SQUIRREL is the first of the new additions to the AI-driven platform and aims to support physicians in the assessment of spinal morphology and scoliosis evaluation using frontal radiographs of the spine. The specialized algorithms in the software facilitate objective scoliosis assessment as well as monitoring of disease progression. By providing instant, accurate scoliosis grade detection from initial images, the essential information in easy-to-read analysis reports assists physicians in determining appropriate treatment protocols and poses the potential to decrease patients’ radiation exposure by reducing the need for excessive additional imaging.

IB Lab FLAMINGO provides fully-automated image processing software intended to support medical professionals in the detection of Vertebral Fractures and to optimize the integration of efficient Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). Although vertebral fractures (VFs) are the most common fractures, only 1 in 3 are brought to clinical attention. Silent fractures are common, usually undetected, and therefore largely untreated. The most significant factor in predicting secondary fractures are previous fractures and missing the chance for intervention can lead to significant patient, economic, and healthcare burdens. To ensure existing vertebral fractures are recognized and brought to clinical attention, IB Lab FLAMINGO aims to opportunistically screen all CT scans that are taken for any reason and contain the spine in the images.

IB Lab SQUIRREL and IB Lab Flamingo fit perfectly in the current ImageBiopsy Lab Zoo line-up, continuing to demonstrate the benefits of the currently available AI-driven MSK diagnostics tools - delivering rapid, reliable, and standardized reporting, with extreme accuracy and detail.

Richard Ljuhar, CEO at ImageBiopsy Lab says: “We are proud that by adding new AI-based applications to our platform we continue to increase our footprint in the MSK arena and are well on our way to being a key player in driving new possibilities in treatment options and outcomes for millions of f people suffering from musculoskeletal diseases around the world. Besides the obvious medical workflow improvement for medical specialists, like time-saving, accuracy, and standardization, we clearly see the potential for massive social impact…”

Founded in 2016, ImageBiopsy Lab has become a leading musculoskeletal AI-supported imaging diagnostic company. ImageBiopsy Labs’ CE and FDA-certified AI-driven software applications digitize MSK diagnostics on radiographs, providing radiologists and orthopedists with fast, quantitative, and standardized reporting. The company portfolio already includes solutions for knee, hip, full leg, hand, and spine and is installed at more than 100 sites across Europe and the US.

About ImageBiopsy Lab:
ImageBiopsy Lab, a Vienna-based MSK AI-solution developer, was founded as a spin-off in late 2016. The company develops and offers award-winning AI-driven software applications that digitize musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostics on radiographs, providing radiologists and orthopedics with fast, quantitative, and standardized reports of disease-relevant findings and measurements. Today, ImageBiopsy Lab has offices in the EU and the US and brings together an interdisciplinary, international team of physicians, clinical researchers & software experts, who share the passion for having a lasting and meaningful impact on digital healthcare.

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ImageBiopsy Lab
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