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Understanding Bipolarity, Key to Better Relationships

"Bipolar Heaven and Hell"

Author George Davis Writes a Masterpiece for All

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 20, 2022 / -- What could be worse than bipolarity is not in bipolarity itself. It is when relationships start to falter and people’s judgment comes to those with bipolar disorder. Worst of all, many individuals have no idea that people who possess this disorder struggle to normalize their lives.

With the right support from family and friends, and a book that holds the wisdom to better understand this disability, life for people with this disorder becomes better. A better life awaits not only to the person who possesses this disorder, but to the people around them.

This is the ultimate goal of Author George “Many Waters” Davis in his book “Bipolar Heaven and Hell” which will take you on a journey that he personally experienced in the last forty years.

“It is my sincere hope that these types of people may read this book and recognize some of the symptoms and gain a better understanding of what is happening,” Davis says. According to Davis, when you have dealt with bipolar for this long, you are able to see the symptoms and recognize them in everyday people.

It has been 50 long years since Davis experienced his first bipolar episode. Back in 1972, Davis was part of an infantry battalion deployed in Vietnam. At that time, he had no idea what was transpiring. Three years later, Davis ended up in a mental institution. Three years following that, he was confined to another mental institution.

Finally, in 1978, Davis was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

As Davis continues to inspire and teach many individuals, he seeks to have a better understanding of bipolar disorder worldwide, leading to better relationships among families and friends.

Grab your copy of “Bipolar Heaven and Hell” through Amazon and other digital bookstore platforms.

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