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Decathlon takes a giant leap into merchandising transformation by introducing Pickcel digital signage at 200+ stores

Product description, image and price shown on retail video wall

Product description, image and price shown on retail video wall

In-store digital signage displaying special discount offer

In-store digital signage displaying special discount offer

Pickcel apps & widgets on the digital signage dashboard

Pickcel apps & widgets on the digital signage dashboard

The feature-rich, up-to-date digital signage solution of Pickcel helps Decathlon tail off customer acquisition costs and jack up customer engagement

The USP of our solution is the freedom to choose, create and control. Pickcel not only offers you user-friendly software to run content; it also offers you peace of mind.”
— Basudev Saha, CTO & Co-Founder of Pickcel
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2022 / -- Decathlon decides to turn its in-store product marketing into a chic and spruce affair by introducing Pickcel's digital signage solution at their 200+ retail stores across cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa.

The French multinational company realized that powerful digital signage software can tackle two tactical problems: effective product marketing and operational efficiency.

Announcing the launch of products like the brand new three-person tent or mountain bike shoes across the 200+ stores in the country has been quite a challenge for Decathlon with their limited in-store advertising facility. Apart from the products on display and the hoardings or banners, no extra room for driving & magnetic marketing has been there. They lacked any dynamic communication with their consumers. The solution emerged prompt and handy when they approached Pickcel.

Pickcel's cloud-based retail digital signage solution enables Decathlon to run spontaneous promotions, product launch campaigns, contests, and brand stories on all their in-store retail displays. The devices include 55" LED screen panels, video walls, and Android tablets at different Point of Purchase locations like decompression zones, product aisles, shelves, payment counters, entry gates, and on the body of the merchandise. The simple and user-friendly UI of the Pickcel software makes it easy for the managers of the retail stores to handle the contents on digital screens like a pro.

The cloud-based digital up-gradation allows the retail brand to expand its in-store digital presence by adding more screens quickly to the cloud network. Pickcel also provides 50+ Android dual-band media players to the globally recognized retailer for seamless content rendering on digital screens.

Decathlon's countrywide stores and its rapid expansion needed a solution that would enable independent screen management from the store manager's end. Basudev Saha, the CTO & Co-Founder of Pickcel, mentions, "With our high-end cloud-based software solution, we provided them with exactly what they looked for. With an admin panel that promises customizable user roles, we offered the retail brand freedom to run as much content as they want on all their digital screens. The client just needed to assign sub-users and define their role, permit access and rights to manage content using the software, from any location, at any moment." He proudly adds, "The USP of our solution is the freedom to choose, create and control. Pickcel not only offers you user-friendly software to run contents; it also offers you peace of mind."

Decathlon targets Millennials and GenZs who appreciate digital interactions. On the video walls and 55" screens, the retailer now displays HD videos highlighting its mission & vision, product features, and upcoming surprises. The digital presentation of their wide range of sports equipment, athletic wear, mountaineering tools, and hiking gear has already witnessed an enhanced response from the shoppers who have instantly connected with stylish digital merchandising and admired the in-store experience.

Apart from the marketing campaigns and product features, the brand now offers a high dose of infotainment to the retail shoppers with the help of platform integration & automation, and with the in-built apps Weather, Countdown Timer, Interactive Discount, RSS Feeds, AQI, News, Stocks and more.
Pickcel software features at a glance:

● Pickcel, as cloud-based software, enables the users to access the digital signage content remotely and manage it from any location and device.
● A wide range of in-built applications and platform integrations make it easy for users to update existing content quickly or add new media to the current playlist.
● With Pickcel, users can divide the screens into multiple zones and run several media simultaneously without compromising the major campaigns & infotainment.
● Pickcel is a hardware-agnostic platform that supports all media players and operating systems. So, you won't have to go for an entire system renovation while deploying Pickcel signage solution.
● Pickcel comes with a variety of solutions for your marketing team, like a queue management system, visitor management solution, interactive kiosks, digital menu boards, and more for all industries.
● The software offers users the 'content scheduling' feature that helps one set the timings for specific content displays according to special hours, customer base, and preferences. So, even if the content manager is unavailable, the desired content will be displayed on designated screens at the correct time.
● It is a highly customizable software that allows bending the features, applications, and functionalities according to the users' requirements.

About Pickcel
Pickcel, a leading SaaS brand specializing in digital signage solutions, has been empowering brands with premium connectivity and engagement since 2014. Today, Pickcel is partnered with over 1500 medium & large-scale businesses across 30+ countries, powering 80,000+ screens. With this widespread presence, Pickcel helps brands promote products and services, run ads, improve queue management, enhance customer engagement and build a consistent brand voice, proving itself as one of the most cosmopolitan and sought-after brands. Pickcel has offices in Bangalore (India) and New York (USA). Pickcel, being a horizontal business software, caters to the needs of all business domains. Some of the top clients of Pickcel are Amazon, Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, JW Marriott, Mercedes-Benz, Paralenz, Mad & Co, etc.

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