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Angela Hayes of One Place Solutions LLC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2022 / -- On our journey of self-discovery we often find we struggle with relationships, life transitions, and career challenges, that can become totally overwhelming. It gets so frustrating we begin to feel stagnant unable to achieve our goals. Just know you are not alone and with the appropriate guidance and support there is a way to move forward with absolute clarity and take our lives to the next level so we can build a brighter, exciting, fulfilling future.

Angela Hayes is a top notch Life Coach, Author, and Founder of One Place Solutions LLC.

“Through my coaching work, I help you experience your own unique ways to be bold, authentic, and fearlessly creative,” says Angela “It’s about connecting and wholeheartedly celebrating your authenticity by truly honoring your unique being. Not by handing you solutions but helping you dig deep, break barriers, and find a more profound understanding of who you are and where you want to go.”

Angela centers on four significant categories when coaching her clients, mental, emotional, business, and relationships. All these are intertwined to help guide us down our path to how we have been yearning to live.

Mentally, Angela focuses on helping us overcome self-sabotage and unhealthy patterns so we gain wholesome perspectives leading to greater clarity and renewed purpose. Since emotions are a fundamental part of the human experience, Angela helps us deal with painful blocks and limiting beliefs so we can shift them to productive, positive ones and live not how society wants, but true to our own core values and beliefs.

Having had various fruitful business including a spa and a real estate business, Angela brings her direct corporate knowledge to so we can navigate the complexities on how to run our own enterprises successfully.

Angela says relationships are one of the most central components to a vibrant, more meaningful life. That doesn’t mean we don’t encounter ones that don’t serve us. In fact, Angela’s’ divorce was completely liberating. In other words, as painful as breakups can be, they always make for great learning experiences allowing us to deeply reflect and enter a new relationship with confidence and greater awareness.

Through her own personal struggles and challenges Angela found her voice in coaching. She was emancipated at 16 years old and learned the value of fierce independence living on her own. When she was only 18, she was married for the sake of following family traditions and religious beliefs but deep down she knew she wasn’t in alignment with her soul path. Then in her early thirties when she divorced she discovered all that was hidden inside of her helped her ultimately triumph and defeat adversity and challenges including her rise from homelessness to becoming the well respected sought after coach she is today. Through sheer perseverance and self love she Angela has risen above all adversity and inspires us to also live courageously.

“For more than twenty years of my life I was doing for others but not living my fully till I became a certified coach. All these experiences shaped me as a person and has unequivocally made me better qualified to assist my clients in finding their own unique individuality and gifts.”

Angela emphasizes how most of us can’t attain our dreams due to negative habits from food, gambling, shopping, and smoking all indicative of ways of hiding our frustrations and inability to cope with how lost we feel. That's why it’s significant to clear out all those energetic blocks and embody a new way of being. Filled with passion, purpose, meaning and inner harmony.

Angela reminds us the significance of self care such as yoga, meditation, walks in nature, and whatever resonates with our soul.

A natural caregiver, a passionate gifted writer, a nature girl, a heart of gold, and a skillful coach Angela’s empowering approach make her genuinely relatable to all her clients.

She also attributes her fervent love of God for helping her transform her life.

“We shouldn’t get so caught up with making money and not really enjoying our lives to the fullest. No matter how caught up we get in our careers always take time out for yourself to cuddle up with a great book, take a nice bubble bath, and listen to good music. Live with kindness and love for yourself and others and life will definitely be more satisfying, enjoyable, and full of accomplishments.”

Close Up Radio will feature Angela Hayes on Monday July 18th with Jim Masters at 11 a.m. EST

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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