Diet ID Powers Personalized Nutrition for Terra’s Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Platform

Diet ID X Terra Health Coaching

Diet ID X Terra Health Coaching

New partnership with Terra Health Coaching enhances physicians’ delivery of lifestyle medicine support.

We need to simplify how to get healthier—Diet ID simplifies the nutrition piece for our clients while giving our health professionals another tool with expert nutritional data.”
— John Dieser, co-founder, Terra Health Coaching

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2022 / -- Terra Health Coaching, a digital coaching platform focusing on lifestyle medicine, collaborates with physicians all over the country to give them a first line of defense against chronic illness for their patients. As nutrition is critically important in lifestyle medicine, Terra has chosen Diet ID’s dietary assessment and goal setting platform as its nutrition component. This partnership enables coaches to help their mentees tackle nutrition in a quick, simple, and scalable way.

According to John Dieser, Terra Health co-founder, “The simplicity of Diet ID™ gives our clients the ability to assess their diets around pictures and not a bunch of confusing words. Then, on the back end, our lifestyle medicine coaches have another level of expert nutrition data points to give their clients the highest quality of care around what they are putting in their bodies.”

Every patient will complete a Diet ID assessment before and after their 3-month Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program. This allows reliable measurement of diet quality, an early indicator of downstream biometric improvement, such as change in weight. These valuable data are used to illustrate the efficacy and success of the program. Michael Laing, Terra Health’s other co-founder, says, “Lifestyle medicine is highly effective in improving chronic conditions and lowering costs. As data continue to grow in these types of interventions, adoption will follow and healthcare might actually begin to change.”

According to David L. Katz, founder and CEO of Diet ID, “We are thrilled and honored to partner with Terra Health to enhance their lifestyle medicine program. Nutrition is arguably the most important pillar of lifestyle medicine, and this is a perfect fit.”

Lifestyle medicine providers are often faced with challenges around nutrition literacy among their populations, yet they often lack the resources required to address nutrition in a sustainable, engaging way. “If we want to turn things around, we need to simplify how to get healthier—Diet ID simplifies the nutrition piece for our clients while giving our health professionals another tool with expert nutritional data,” says John.

About Diet ID, Inc.: Diet ID is a patented advance in dietary assessment based on pattern recognition, rather than memory. Accessible via any web-enabled device and available in English and Spanish, Diet ID generates a comprehensive assessment of dietary intake, including a diet quality score, daily servings of all major food groups, and up to 150 nutrients, in as little as 60 seconds. In addition to the base assessment, the platform includes optional goal setting, daily behavioral actions, meal plans, nutrition education, and live dietitian counseling.

About Terra Health Coaching: Terra Health Coaching is a data-driven, personalized health coaching platform. Offering coaching guidance and support, Terra Health Coaching programs are centered on the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and the principles of behavior change science—a proven method for long-term lifestyle change. Its intuitive mobile app combines innovative technology with lifestyle journaling, health marker tracking, and communication, allowing coaching sessions to focus on targeted strategy and personalized support.

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