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Hundreds of Lives Saved Through Free Mental Health Services Provided by "The Road to Nashville," A Global Music Project

The Road To Nashville- Liverpool International Song Contest

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / -- There are multiple issues related to unidentified and untreated mental illness grabbing news headlines globally. From mass shootings, depression, divorces, suicide, hate crimes, and child abuse, humanity is suffering, especially post-Covid. In response to this acute need, The Road to Nashville - Liverpool International Song Contest (TRTN-L) is providing complimentary access to professional mental health counseling for anyone applying to this songwriting initiative under the umbrella of TUFF, The Unity of Faiths Foundation. TRTN-L is the latest program developed by renowned British psychologist Dr. Shamender Talwar, Co-founder of TUFF and Dr. Vandana Duggal MD, Vice President of TUFF USA to help humanity and encourage mental health, happiness, and global unity.

Launched in May (Mental Health Month) via a partnership between the Nashville, TN & Liverpool, UK city councils, the program has already seen over 732 musicians requesting counseling (16% of participating songwriters), accessing pragmatic tools and pro-bono counseling. Impacting beyond borders, language, race, musical genres, and cultural barriers, this TUFF initiative founded has received 4,862 songs from 4,385 artists. 23 countries are represented, 546 contestants are already receiving counseling with another 186 on boarding with providers who best suit their personal counseling needs.

"Mental illness is the new pandemic. When Covid-19 spread around the globe, we saw connection and community get erased from our lives overnight as we needed to shelter in place to curb transmission rates. What we missed when our day-to-day interactions so drastically changed were the long term impacts of that shift. Mental health practices and the equitable access to those therapies are imperative if we want to make a real swing back to kindness, safety and security. We are so grateful to be in a position to support these musicians and songwriters through the help of incredible partners. Fortunately, with the additional resources, we are able to extend our deadline to hopefully save more lives. And, we cannot thank the artists that have stepped up to share their own stories and struggles." – Dr. Vandana Duggal MD, Vice President of TUFF USA

The TRTN-L initiative is now reviewing submissions through August 31 at The top ten finalists will perform live before judges in Nashville at the legendary EXIT/IN on John Lennon's birthday Oct. 9, 2022 and the winner will perform at the famed Liverpool Cavern Club stomping grounds of music greats, including The Beatles.

Headliners and household names in the country music community have weighed in on the importance of TUFF and the mental health initiative for TRTN-L. This particular community has most recently experienced the heartbreaking impact of mental illness with the tragic deaths of recent Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Naomi Judd and award winning songwriter Tom T. Hall.

"The subject of mental illness is front and center globally. There is nothing explainable about fame and being the center of attention. Whether it be an actor, musician or politician; just being famous does not offer protection from mental illness. In fact, fame can perhaps do just the opposite, exposing vulnerability like a trap. You can't let everyone in and can't let yourself out. You are surrounded and yet alone. I have a few good friends who accept me for who I am not just what I do. It makes a huge difference. Humanity must address mental illness with an open heart and mind." - Gary Morris

In addition to his endorsement, Gary has provided a generous donation to TUFF to support their expanded efforts.

“I didn't really understand the challenges that come with mental health issues until Covid arrived and I found myself dealing with depression and anxiety. It’s really important that we keep talking about how stress affects so many of us and how necessary it is to provide everyone with people to talk to and places to go for help.” - Michelle Wright

“Life can certainly be grand standing on its peaks, but it also has its challenges and valleys along the way, no matter who you are or what you do. No one is excluded. It's really about the support we all need and reaching out for it. Talking about the lows can be hard and vulnerable, but it can also be liberating when you realize that we all can be effected in some way. Anything that lead us to a mental health conversation is a must in our world. I fully support and see the beauty in this process. We’ll all be better for ourselves and for humanity by asking for help when needed. I think TRTN-L is spot on including mental health services for anyone needing it and it's a great thing to see!” - Tim Rushlow, Formerly of Little Texas, currently in The Frontmen

The Road to Nashville is partnered with the following to present and support our 2022 contestants:

• Liverpool City Council
• Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County
• Visit Music City
• Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum
• Exit/In
• SAE Institute
• The Cavern Club Liverpool
• Middle Tennessee State University
• Country Music Association
• Porter's Call
About TUFF - the co-organizer

The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) is a British secular charitable organization working in four continents. TUFF bridges community sectors, organizations and government by rebuilding social integration and global community cohesion.

TUFF also empowers youth through participation in sports, music and science. Teaching education in human values, integration acceptance, individual liberty, gender equality, understanding, respect for other cultures, the rule of law and democracy. TUFF was established in 2011 and has the support and acknowledgments of many dignitaries including H.H Pope Francis, H.M the Queen, and President Barack Obama to name a few. The ultimate goal is to share kindness and facilitate the integration and empowerment of those people who do not have a voice, due to numerous challenges and obstacles they face in their daily lives.

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