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Glynis Albright The Waffle Queen Has Released New Products For Her Glynis'® Product Line

A full line of delicious products

Glynis'® Scratch Mix. Photo by: Jimmy Dozer

The Much Anticipated Butter Biscuit Mix

The Waffle Queen has added Gluten Free Waffle Mix, Butter Biscuit Mix, and Caramel Spice Syrup, to her ever-evolving delicious line of products

I use the best ingredients to get the best flavor while trying to stay within certain health guidelines.”
— Glynis Albright
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 / -- Glynis Albright is no stranger to creating delicious food for her Glynis'® Products line. Her company has been built on quality food that gives you that down-home flavor you will love and remember long after your meal is over. As she approaches the five-year anniversary of Glynis'® Products, she takes pride in listening to her customers and does her best to give them what they ask for. Albright says..."I enjoy seeing the looks on faces after eating foods that have been prepared with my mixes."

From kitchenware to books, Glynis Albright delivers beautiful items for the home chef to use or give as gifts. Her aprons, decorative towels, potholders, and oven mitts are unique in that they boast The Waffle Queen logo in different poses. The Waffle Queen Coloring Book is not only a short autobiography but also a workbook of brain activities for kids and it can serve as therapy for adults.

Along with her Waffle Mix, All Purpose Coating Mix, and Secret Sauce Mix, by popular demand, Albright has brought back her Scratch Mix! Because she's a good listener, there's also a GLUTEN FREE version of her Waffle Mix!! If that wasn't enough, her newest addition to the Glynis'® Products line is what you've been waiting for--Glynis' Butter Biscuit Mix!!!

It's all in the details and it's hard not to notice Albright's beautiful and eye-catching boxes as well. Who is the pretty lady on the packaging? Why, it's the Queen Glynis Albright herself! Albright explains, "After creating the Glynis’® Product line, I had to make a decision on how to brand it visually. I knew that the logo had to represent its contents, attract the eye, and bring a smile to whomever sees it. The concept came after prayer and a dream. Me, wearing a waffle skirt, a crêpe bustier, and pancakes as my necklace. My waffle mix makes all three!! I hired a talented graphic artist, Dinh Tran, who took that concept and gave it life!!! Voilà!!! The Waffle Queen reigns!!!"

There's a lot more to come! Syrups, cookbooks, empowerment books, and kitchen gadgets, to name a few. It's not just chicken and waffles…it's an experience!!

Visit and get your supply of delicious products that take your meals to the next level!!

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