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National Academy Announces The Availability Of Advanced Diploma In Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training Courses - National Academy

Teacher Training Courses - National Academy

National Academy is a training institute founded in 1975. It is one of the largest institutions and a trusted name for pre-school teachers' training.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 12, 2022 / -- Early childhood is a period that encompasses the first six years of a child’s life. During that period, the synaptic connections in the brain are shaped by experiences that a child draws from his/her environment. That is why the environment of every child should be enriched with experiences that lay a solid foundation thereby fostering holistic lifelong learning.

Online teacher training courses have been gaining popularity over the past few years. It is a good option not only for aspiring teachers but also for those looking to improve their teaching skills while continuing with their existing professional commitments.

ECCE is one such teacher training course in Mumbai that draws insights from various fields like human development, psychology, sociology and medicine and especially neuroscience. This credit course which focuses mainly on early childhood care and education acts as a curriculum framework for children between the ages of 0-6. In addition, it aims to provide adults with the necessary information so that every child grows as a competent and confident learner.

The curriculum defines the theoretical underpinnings of learning and development of children during their early years and helps come up with strategies on how this learning can be cultivated. It also aims to provide guidelines on how children can be supported through a partnership with parents, socializing with others, play and assessments.

The ECCEd course provides a platform where the learner can explore and reflect on the said aspects through various pedagogical techniques like assignments, discussions, portfolio designing and real-world experiences as an intern which encourages a teacher to be an effective ECCE provider.

India faces many challenges when it comes to ECCE. The vicious cycle of low-quality teacher training, lack of monitoring, support and research, ultimately leads to low expectations, improper implementation and low quality of classroom learning. Because of this, many children fall behind and find it difficult to catch up even after receiving remedial measures.

Research has shown that a pre-primary teacher training course like ECCE can have a big impact on improving child and adolescent mental health and promotes holistic well-being in both low and middle-income countries right from childhood to adulthood. When an entire community is engaged in ECCE, the sense of progress and purpose fosters unity. Providing training to teachers on how to support children cognitively and emotionally elevates both their status and respect in society.

Besides, counselling courses in Mumbai online which is a 5 monthly course, is beneficial to both teachers and students. Through this course, participants learn to address day-to-day problems powerfully and effectively.

National Academy is a training institute founded in 1975. It is one of the largest institutions and a trusted name for pre-school teachers' training. Besides Diploma in Early Childhood care and education (ECCEd), many other courses are designed by expert professionals according to the latest trends in the education field.

Phonics and Grammar training course for teachers trains teachers on phonics and related subjects. Teachers gain an understanding of how to introduce phonics to children through different phonological activities. The course enables teachers to become professional phonics and grammar teachers, learn new skills as pre-primary teachers, and understand the child-centric approach toward the foundation for reading and writing English.

Storytelling Course for teachers inculcates teachers with storytelling skills that are engaging and motivating at the same time. In this course, teachers learn how to find meaning in the story that is being told, how to inspire change through it, and how to find out the reason behind sharing the story.

By enrolling in training programs, teachers can gain new skills while continuing their education at the same time. Not only is it important for teachers to know their material but they should also be able to help students. These programs do just that. They educate teachers on the best way to instruct and motivate their students for the best possible outcome.

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National Academy
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