The 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair Presents Normal & Bonnie: A Love Story

Eventful Romance Flourishes in the Persona of Norman and Bonnie

I often would just lie beside her and listen. I do love her. Yea, I did save her life. I did, or at least she made me think I did.”
— Excerpt from Norman & Bonnie: A Love Story

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 / -- Author William Gaillard Ellis Jr. was one of the featured authors at the 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair with his published book title, Norman & Bonnie: A Love Story. A memorable romantic novel made for a couple who have been together for over fifty years. It sends messages to the readers that expressing love and memories can go tenfold that can never be forgotten and the bond one another will still hold on. Love can move in mysterious ways, indeed. Every angle, image, and scene will become a part of our lives. It will not depict stories and scenes that are vulgar and have deep meaning. Norman and Bonnie’s relationship is as tight and simple as normal couples do.

“In this novel of Norman and Bonnie, I tried to present a story of love in a way that I hope you as the reader will not take my love story too personal. I do not know why I wrote this novel and maybe it was just to please myself. I have a hard time going over my words without tears for it is a sad story of two people in love who have grown old and one of them is dying. It is not a children’s story with strong sexual scenes that I provide to express a love relationship between a couple that have lived together for over fifty years.”
— A personal message from the author, William Gaillard Ellis Jr.

William Gaillard Ellis Jr. is an author who is already 70 years of age. It is the tenth book of Ellis Jr. He was thinking of writing this love story of Norman and Bonnie, and he made it.

Norman & Bonnie: A Love Story
Written by: William Gaillard Ellis Jr.
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