The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Presents Once There Was a Nothing

Heartfelt and Touching Children's Story Helps Children Who Feel Like Nothing Develop Feelings of Belonging and Friendhship

His voice became a whisper. It barely made a sound. After a while, people didn’t even notice if he was around.”
— Excerpt from One There Was A Nothing

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 / -- Author Annie Penland was one of the featured authors in the 2022 Los Angeles Festival of Books with her published book titled Once There Was Nothing. It is an emotional children’s illustrated book about a little boy named Joe. Joe feels like an outcast and he has no friends. His circumstances make him feel small and vulnerable and seem to take away his voice, making him quiet and difficult to notice. One day, he meets another “nothing” named Angel. Meeting Angel helps Joe realize he is not alone, and he then decides to find another friend too. This book is a touching children's story focused on aspiration, bravery, and the power of genuine friendship!

“A very well written and illustrated book. I have felt like Nothing the whole of my 69 years. This may be categorized as a children’s book, yet I truly believe any age would benefit greatly by reading it. It teaches about emotions and how you can learn to think better of yourself as well as how to treat others and how to treat yourself. No one deserves to feel as though they are worth it... NO ONE! I’ll be reading this over and over because it will take time to overcome the causes behind my feeling as if I am Nothing.”
— Amazon Customer Review

“...this book’s soft, fanciful illustrations generally complement the narrative and help make Joe’s emotions resonate. Young readers can see Joe connect with others, along with learning to value his own company and voice. As he gains confidence, the illustrations of Joe also become less ephemeral, more human, and more colorful.”
— BlueInk Review

Once There Was Nothing
Written by: Annie Penland
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