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Mogul TV Global Founder Tameka Chapman Reveals How She Turned a Childhood Vision into a 7-Figure Generating Action Plan

MOGUL TV Global Network partners with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and streams directly on The MOGUL TV Global Network is already available to over 100 million viewers!”
— Tameka Chapman
FREDERICKSBURG, VA, USA, July 9, 2022 / -- Tameka Chapman is the Founder of Mogul TV Global, U.S. Navy Veteran, Television Producer, Award-Winning & International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Global Speaker, former Paralegal Specialist, and 7-Figure Business Growth Strategist—however, this multi-faceted level of success isn’t by accident nor without immense effort and unwavering determination.

“I remember being at my maternal grandmother’s house, standing on the steps of her shed, and I spoke into the atmosphere and believed every word. I said, ‘When I get older, I’m going to travel the world and encourage girls all over the world to go for their dreams.’ I carried that statement for the rest of my life, and it has truly manifested in a way that I didn’t see back then.” – Chapman

Perhaps the greatest lesson learned throughout Chapman’s journey was staying true to her core values and pushing past the fear of the unknown. Her unprecedented success in taking ‘the road less traveled’ enabled her a journey now shared throughout the world with a captive audience to her positive programming.

Take a closer look at the lessons learned throughout her inspiring career and how to tune in for more.


After her journey of 6,372 days trying to conceive, Tameka realized that the same level of perseverance she implemented towards her life goal was needed by women globally who want to achieve their own life goals, so she launched her business and coaching services to assist them do just that!

“As a young girl, I saw so many other girls being bullied or not feeling as if they were worth having friends because of different life circumstances. As a nurturer, I wanted to find ways to make them feel better. I began to speak life to them, encouraging them stand up for themselves. I would tell them to believe in themselves and not look to other people to be OK with their choices and decisions.” – Chapman

During a vision board party that she hosted in 2020, Tameka included her vision of creating a television network, with a great focus on female empowerment across the globe. Now, as CEO of Mogul Media, LLC ( and Creator & Founder of Mogul TV Global Network (, Chapman has attained her vision in offering empowering content that celebrates inclusion, uniqueness, culture, legacy and diversity and life lessons through a variety of shows, live events and interviews that are showcased on the network.

* MOGUL TV Global Network partners with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and streams directly on The MOGUL TV Global Network is already available to over 100 million viewers!


In her company, as a business growth strategist, Chapman provides tips, tools, and strategies to transform women’s mindsets to achieve their business and life goals by showing them how to create, build and scale their businesses.

“Many times, we get discouraged when plans don’t fall into place as we’d envisioned and/or for how we planned, but the important “fork in the road” we must reach is whether we will continue stressing and complaining about the journey we’re on or if we’ll switch from complaining to learning why we’re on the journey. I often tell people that our journeys are for one of two reasons: (1) to teach us a lesson or (2) to teach someone else a lesson. The faster we realize the journey, the faster we can begin to enjoy the journey, which helps to overcome the obstacles ahead.” – Chapman

Using her life as an example of what can be accomplished by dedicating mind, heart and actions to the forefront, Chapman walks women through the process of overcoming self-doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs so they can become fully equipped to persevere in pursuing the life they deserve to live.

“Female empowerment has always been and will always be a major part of who I am. As I became a young lady, there were times when I felt that I didn’t have a voice, even though I was championing for others to use theirs. I really wanted to believe that I had people in my life that made me feel comfortable enough to know that I wouldn’t be judged but loved. It took time to fully embrace my past, but once I did, I became unstoppable with empowering every woman that I met… Since that time, I’ve gone on to becoming a global speaker and having spoken in front of groups of up to 25K women, one thing still rings true—there is never too much women’s empowerment!” – Chapman


MOGUL TV Global Network is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, MOGUL TV. Take a closer look at the current lineup with more shows to be added to this dynamic lineup.

* The Mogul Kid Channel, launching mid-July, hosting four kid shows, as well as, introducing the amazing Wuf Shanti collection of videos of yoga and meditation for kids.

* The State of My Mental: Mental Health & Wellness Series, introducing the remaining scheduled series, to include "For The Youth" in August 2022, "Women Breaking the Silence" in October 2022, "Facing the Grief" in December 2022, "To Love or Not to Love" in February 2023, and "Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Care, Concern & Conversation" in April 2023

* Launch! – hosted by Tameka Chapman, this is the ultimate business and entrepreneurial masterclass show on television.
Live Through Your Sole – a lifestyle show as hosted by Alicia Sylve who speaks to women and men from all walks of life on all things purpose.
Own Your ‘Ish with Doc April - hosted by Dr. April J. Lisbon, this show was created for individuals who are ready to, authentically and unapologetically, share their story.

* The GlowUp with Shawneya Ellis - As a speaker, playwright, vision strategist, producer, and media personality, Shawneya Ellis brings us the Glow Up, a launching pad to empower you to glow up in your spirit, mind, business, and body.

* Survivor Stories with Imani Kaliid takes you on an extraordinary journey in the lives of men and women who have encountered and overcome life challenges that could have taken their lives; however, they are here to speak on their experiences on Survivor Stories with Imani Kaliid.

* Crockin’ Moms Podcast with Lisa Marie - a phenomenal cooking show hosted by Lisa Marie Kozich that shares amazing easy-to-create family recipes with a crockpot while interviewing remarkable people from across the globe.

* Two Mics Up Podcast with DameDNYC - Bringing the fourth season to the Mogul TV Global Network, Dame created this platform to educate, empower and positively impact our communities both locally and abroad.

* 247 Real Talk - hosted by Julian Perry, this show is about making a difference one conversation at a time and provides real talk about social, cultural, and mental health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges.

* The Floor Is Yours Podcast Network navigates today's issues with a level of care and concern that spurs us towards understanding and resolution and working to strengthen our families & communities with solutions for POC ecosystems.

* Millennials on the Move – hosted by Brittney Kendle, this show highlights Texas millennial entrepreneurs and more.

* Curves, Curls and Crowns – the ultimate women’s empowerment talk show hosted by Dana Watson, Katrina Willis and Mylira Green.

* No Longer Bound: Fertility Freedom – a show hosted by Tameka Chapman and Sanita Mitchell that addresses all things fertility.

* Voice of the Hour – global speaking stage for leaders, influencers and more to share a riveting message.

* Millennial Voices…the stage – quarterly event; the global stage for millennial speakers that includes a LIVE panel discussion on a variety of topics related to the millennial generation from dating and relationships, careers, entrepreneurship, money and more.

* The Dash – an honorary show that highlights and shows appreciation for America’s heroes, our Military Veterans.

* Future Moguls Pitch Competition. Virtual pitch competition for U.S. military veterans scheduled for August 2022.

* MOGUL TV Short Film Festival. Virtual film festival scheduled for October 2022.


Tameka Chapman is a world-record holder and international bestselling author who loves to find ways to inspire and empower others with encouraging words. After serving in the U.S. military to becoming a military wife and living in different states, she thoroughly understands the true value of family, communication, inclusiveness and diversity, and the power of positive programming for all ages.

“As authors, we have a duty to entertain our readers through the written word, inviting them into our world. Always be intentional about what you’re feeding your readers. With the opportunity to write and entertain comes responsibility to help our readers embrace something different or unknown. Take the duty seriously and be creative when you write to bring others along for the ride.” – Chapman


* #1 Bestseller Faith of One Mustard Seed: My 18-Year Journey to Motherhood
* #1 International Bestseller The Power of Perseverance, Volume I


* Women Who Pray
* The Growth Hacking Book 2
* Women Inspiring Nations - Volume 2
* A Stage Of Their Own: More Than A Movement
* Step Into Leadership Greatness: Leadership Isn’t Just A Title
* Women of Virtue: Walking in Excellence
* Women Inspiring Nations


* The Big Book of Bold Affirmations
* The Pin In The Air: Learning the Art of the Juggle


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