Quest Financial USA Releases New "On-Demand" Webinar Showcasing Their Unique Investment Strategy

Roadmap to Retirement On-Demand

Roadmap to Retirement On-Demand

Quest Financial

Quest Financial

"Roadmap to Retirement On-Demand" was developed to be engaging as well as provide a good foundation of financial education for people looking to retire soon.

There is no amount of diversification in the stock market that can protect you from systematic, or market, risk. That is why diversification into different financial worlds is necessary in retirement.”
— Bill Revoir, Chief Investment Officer, Quest Financial


Quest Financial USA has announced the launch of their new webinar titled "Roadmap to Retirement On-Demand."

This webinar provides a great foundation of financial investment education, explaining the three characteristics every investor is looking for, Safety, Growth, and Liquidity, and how to get them all using Quest's unique investment strategy they call "The 3 Worlds of Money." It then goes into depth on each concept, showing real-life examples of people who have retired using this system. Best of all, the webinar is less than 30 minutes long and is available immediately after registration.

Quest Financial USA is still hosting live webinars but, due to demand for video replays, they decided to create a pre-recorded version that can be viewed instantly after sign-up. Registration is free and open now.

"Roadmap to Retirement On-Demand" is hosted by Jeff Perry, Co-Owner and CMO of Quest Financial USA, and features engaging content with professional narration. The examples showcased use real calculations with a modest return on investment and include variables such as taxes, inflation, COLA, RMDs, etc.

Quest Financial USA uses their "3 Worlds of Money" concept to try to get a near perfect balance in their clients' portfolios. This includes preservation of capital, opportunities for growth, immediate liquidity, along with monthly income in retirement. To do this they use the strengths of different financial institutions to make up for the weaknesses in others.

Quest Financial believes in using the right vehicle for the right job. They do not believe in "warping an investment vehicle to do something it was never meant to do in the first place". Their webinar goes through different investment vehicles and how they are used.

Quest Financial USA works with clients across the United States and meets with them primarily online. They are headquartered in Bingham Farms, MI which is a suburb of Detroit. They are fiduciaries and fee based.

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