Boxa Team Proud to Reveal the First True Decentralized Royalty Program

Benefits include loyalty perks such as free rental vacation destinations, free meals, and real estate investments.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, July 8, 2022 / -- The founders of Boxa Coin are pleased to announce the launch of the project’s new website and premium benefits for existing holders.

Boxa is a utility token unlike any other on the market. The Boxa Platform is the new generation of traveling and investing, a project run by investors and entrepreneurs around the world, with a common goal to create one of the best and much needed cryptocurrencies. The project does this by combining real life use cases with investment to create the first decentralized royalty program in the space.

According to the founders, when members own Boxa tokens, they will gain access to an unprecedented amount of advantages that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars. Benefits for holders include free rental vacation destinations, free meals, and real estate investments. Additional properties and services, such as property rentals, restaurants, activities, and more, will also be added in the coming weeks and months.

“We are thrilled to finally offer to our current and loyal holders the benefits they were waiting for!” says Boxa founder, Robert Viorel. “It is time for a good and true crypto alternative to the short-term renting platforms that cost thousands of dollars in fees to the property owner and travelers every year. Not only will our partners benefit from great exposure to our Boxa community, but it will also create a new revenue stream free of charges. We can't wait to reveal many more deals that are presently being negotiated.”

To make being party of the royalty program even more appealing, Boxa has also implemented a 1% transaction dividend for existing holders, based on the % amount each holder already owns – making this the ultimate avenue for passive income.

Boxa is currently seeking business partners looking for more visibility for their property rentals and other services.

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About Boxa Coin

Boxa Coin’s entrepreneurial founders boast more than 50 years of investment experience (crypto/stock market) and real estate investments. The platform’s goal is to introduce decentralized finance into people’s lives and create an ecosystem and world without borders. Boxa is the center of the project designed as a utility token, while creating multiple use cases that grant everyone access to a multitude of perks and benefits.

The platform’s new ERC-20 token was created at the beginning of 2022 and is forecasting a rapid and exponential growth over the next couple of months.

Robert Viorel
Boxa Coin