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New Digital Design and Marketing Agency, Vandy Marketing, Announces Launch

Mike van der Poel in action at the East Coast Games in June 2022

Vandy Marketing makes acquiring customers and selling easier

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, July 8, 2022 / -- Digital marketing expert Mike van der Poel is thrilled to announce the launch of Vandy Marketing, a digital design and marketing agency that helps businesses grow and find success online.

With more than six years of in-the trenches experience in digital, van der Poel aspires to become a go-to digital marketing expert on the Canadian East Coast and be recognized for his unique approach in the broader North American market. With Vandy Marketing, he plans to shake up an industry that has relied on traditional, outdated methods for too long.

“Helping a small business grow on the internet is all about setting goals and solving problems together. Every battle a client faces is mine, too. Obstacles don’t stop us,” said van der Poel, who acquired these beliefs after overcoming challenges in his own life.

In 2019, while racing the 400m at the National Track & Field Championships in Canada, van der Poel broke his left ankle through the joint, an injury that medical sports experts deemed career-ending. Unphased by the diagnosis, he kept his head high and embarked on a journey of recovery.

Fast forward to 2022. Now fully recovered, he cracked key benchmarks in the 100m, 200m and 400m that separate an average sprinter from the elite. Mission accomplished.

When the young entrepreneur and athlete isn’t running a business or on the track, he likes to read up on the latest in digital. “You have to read a lot if you run a digital marketing agency,” he said. “Online technology is changing so quickly. There are new developments every day. These are opportunities that I can use to help my clients stay in control of their destiny and have their businesses build them the lifestyle they deserve.”

His expertise includes Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Design, Google Analytics, Google Ads and marketing and strategy fundamentals.

Originally an engineering student, van der Poel hasn’t totally left that field behind. “When you’re able to look at a small business that gets few online referrals through an engineering lens, you can uncover the root cause of the problem quickly. All you then need to do is set up a system that makes acquiring customers and selling easier. The result is a healthier bottom line. And a happier business owner,” he said.

Mike van der Poel knows from experience that being a small business owner is hard work. “You’re the owner, operator, marketer, buyer, seller, team-leader, payroll person, bill-payer and visionary, all rolled up into one. It’s the job you signed up for, but not something you have to shoulder on your own.

“When we are trusted to set up a system that makes acquiring customers and selling easier, we’re buying you time to do the rest. We’re buying you the opportunity to build and grow. We had the ambition to start Vandy Marketing because we saw, firsthand, how a few things done well can make a huge difference.”

For more information about Vandy Marketing or to book a free call, visit or call +1 902-707-0475.

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