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SiZZmic Transmedia Announces Metaverse Sponsorships Connecting Brands to the $1.2 Trillion Parents & Families Market

Robert Lanteigne Founder SiZZmic Transmedia

SiZZmic Transmedia

Family Interacting Together in the Metaverse

SiZZmic Transmedia is now offering four levels of metaverse sponsorships to connect brands with Education, Esports, and Entertainment for increased awareness.

In addition to our extensive metaverse and physical world marketing, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) play an influential role as a benefit in our sponsorship program.”
— Robert Lanteigne, SiZZmic Transmedia Founder
CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 / -- SiZZmic Transmedia, a metaverse company creating and curating safe, family-friendly content, presents its sponsorship program that connects brands to the $1.2 trillion parents and families market. Their program offers four levels of participation in its three main content categories: Education, Esports, and Entertainment including Fine Arts. As its name implies, the company utilizes transmedia which is storytelling across multiple platforms and formats, both digital and non-digital, to increase the sponsor’s brand awareness among other benefits.

Sponsors can participate in one or more of the following areas that align with their goals: (A) Education such as courses, books, workshops, schools, seminars, conferences, etc. (B) Esports such as gaming, competitions, races, sports events, virtual reality experiences, etc. and (C) Entertainment that includes Fine Arts such as photographs, paintings, sculptures, comedians, circus performances, songs, concerts, movies, etc.

“We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship program. As safe, family-friendly content creators and curators, we know that anything in the physical world can be created in 3D in the metaverse. This gives our sponsors a leading-edge marketing strategy to reach the parents and families market,” said Robert Lanteigne, SiZZmic Transmedia Founder.

In the $1.2 trillion parents and families audience three interesting statistics are*:
87% of household purchases are influenced by minors,
74% of teens influence the smart devices their parents buy for them, and
60% of minors influence car purchases.

“In addition to our extensive metaverse and physical world marketing, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) play an influential role as a benefit in our sponsorship program. These are tailored to each sponsor to help them achieve their goals,” said Lanteigne

Lanteigne went on to say that he partnered with Linda Hollander, Sponsor Concierge, who was instrumental in helping to create the dynamic sponsorship program SiZZmic Transmedia is now offering.

For more information about SiZZmic Transmedia visit and for information about their sponsorship program email

About Linda Hollander Sponsor Concierge

Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazines as the industry leader in corporate sponsorship. She is the CEO of Sponsor Concierge and the founder of the Sponsor Secrets Seminar.

About SiZZmic Transmedia

SiZZmic Transmedia, founded by Start-Up Entrepreneur Robert Lanteigne in January 2022, is at the forefront of WEB 3.0 as a metaverse company. They are creating a unique, safe, family-friendly content in three areas: education, esports, and entertainment. They offer cutting-edge fully immersive virtual reality and semi-immersive augmented reality training with custom-made haptic devices for many industries and fields in the metaverse such as glass blowing, welding, sailing, handyman, jewelry design, disaster response, and more. As certified metaverse developers they are also hosting development meet-ups, workshops, and conferences and producing virtual tradeshows. Creation is in their DNA and their passion for it is contagious!. They are hands-on people who practice what they preach and are actively involved in every facet of the business.

*In the US, Kids Play a Central Role in Household Purchases -
NRF (National Retail Federation) -,purchases%20for%20the%20children%20themselves.
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