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Jacqueline “Jackie” Solimini of Superformance Wellenss Counseling to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2022 / -- Jacqueline “Jackie” Solimini is a Health Educator and Wellness Practitioner. She’s the Founder of Superformance Wellness Counseling, a hybrid, and online wellness practice. Jackie is an experienced Public Health Administrator and certified in Wellness Counseling, and Recovery Coaching. Her work specializes in lifestyle management for individuals and small businesses. Jackie’s expertise is helping people develop motivation to build resilience, endurance, and personal discipline in their lives. She’s a recipient of a $2,500.00 education grant and is a contributing author of two best-selling books on self-care. Her first book is The Wellness Universe Guide To Complete Self-Care 25 Tools For Happiness. She then contributed to The Wellness Universe Guide To Complete Self-Care 25 Tools To Achieve Anything.

In March of 2020 when COVID forced the lockdown, Jackie projected a steep decline in US population health. She was concerned with increasing anxieties, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, and obesity. With experience in related health disciplines, Jackie wanted to step up and address these emergent critical issues. Her goal was to put in place a competent and reliable wellness resource with an emphasis on prevention and stability. Jackie designs individualized and tailored instructions, activities, and techniques addressing existing behavioral patterns and fostering peace of mind and improved health status. She practices holistic behavioral health and fitness centered on improving physical fitness, emotional wellness, recovery coaching, and nutrition. Superformance Wellness Counseling is available to everyone interested in improving physical and emotional health, managing illness and addiction recovery, adopting new eating habits, and wanting to lose weight.

Jackie views the quality of life as a precious commodity. It’s one reason why uncovering root problems early on helps people to achieve balance through reflection and acceptance of reality. The motivation to build good daily habits and adhere to them is critical to moving ahead in life. When a client begins to see at least one advantage to unfamiliar change, better solutions to existing circumstances can become more manageable. Jackie is convinced that people have the potential to realize their abilities as they strive toward their goals.

Helping clients unpack and differentiate wants from needs is reassuring. She encourages clients to tackle health concerns with a long-range view. Endeavoring to attain a new level of rejuvenated wellness can pose challenges. Jackie encourages clients to tackle health concerns with a long-range view. They may experience setbacks as they work toward a goal. Setbacks may be part of a need to revisit or revise a goal and shouldn’t be viewed as failures. Certain goals may no longer be attainable due to circumstances.

Jackie says, “Life changes are inevitable. Adverse situations can’t always be changed. How we respond can.” That’s where resilience comes in. Today we’re seeing unprecedented societal changes and interruptions negatively impacting health and mental well-being.

When facing setbacks and resistance, Jackie employs processes to guide clients forward to change or improve a dominant mental attitude. Some of her frequently used wellness tools addressing change and motivation include the DARN CAT Framework, Change Ruler, and the Six Dimensions of Wellness, aka the Wellness Wheel. Forces of habits can be powerful and hold people back from achieving their goals vital to lifestyle improvement. No matter where on a health index people find themselves, clients who take ownership of their situation are more likely to exhibit healthy behaviors. By seeking out a professional with skills to motivate and optimize harnessing habits, the journey to prioritize health, feel better, and live the absolute greatest life possible is realistic and within reach.

Looking toward the future with clarity, Jackie endeavors to help as many people as she can develop personal growth and enjoy a healthier, higher quality of life. She recently wrote a $5,000.00 grant from the Center for Nutrition Studies to fund three interventional workshops combining nutrition and exercise for school-aged children, after-school programs, and youth recovery centers. The purpose of the workshops is to teach youth about whole food plant-based nutrition and emphasize the importance of healthy dietary and exercise habits beginning early in life. In the fall of 2022, Jackie plans to participate in a third Wellness Universe book on notable quotations. Her favorite quote is “Good health is your responsibility. Mine is leveraging your strengths to make it happen.”

The Superformance Wellness Counseling website is Visitors are welcome to send a message through the site, or email at protonmail. Counseling services and programs are private pay. A sliding fee schedule is available for individual clients and group facilitation.

The first 10 listeners to tonight’s show receive a complimentary 20 minute consultation via with personal follow-up.

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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