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Life Experience Coach and Author Cassie Shea to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2022 / -- If there were such a thing as a professional worrier, it is a title that Cassandra “Cassie” Anne Shea nearly adopted. She once fretted over everything—finances, relationships, and job tasks to name a few. Then one day Cassie found her inner voice and it changed everything. She became a book author and a Life Experience Coach, using all she had learned to help others from being robbed of pure happiness.

“I tell my clients to reach deep and figure out what they want. Don’t let worry dictate what you do next, what achievement to go after. Create a life from inside out, one that is full of joy.”

When it comes to life experiences, Cassie notes it’s the quality, not the quantity, that counts. While she might be young, Cassie has already faced some of the toughest crossroads—things like a job change, a divorce, moving to a new place. Now she helps others who are at a transition point in their life to reshape their life experience. The first step she says, is to realize you have to be someone different to get to the other side.

This requires dealing with things deeply and soulfully, which is not necessarily the same as seriously. Cassie says approaching things from a point of humor can take the sting out of the stories we don’t want to tell. In fact, her forthcoming book Let’s Worry About Everything relates her own life story with a healthy dose of humor. Cassie shares her feelings of being lonely or hollow, all that stress from earning an MBA then taking on multiple responsibilities for people and marketing strategies, and even her failed personal relationships. But her life story changed to a positive one when she decided to stop worrying so much.

Cassie has developed a five-step program to help people worry less and live more. In her talks with Jim Masters, she will tell us about this process to reframe your thoughts and find your compass. She will also invite listeners to sign up for the early reader list for her book which will soon be available in paperback and on Kindle (a later Audible version is also planned.) Cassie might also talk about other things she does to enjoy life more, like stand-up paddleboarding, riding horses, writing poems and singing karaoke.

According to Cassie, people are worried about where they are and want to make changes, but they can only change one major area of life at a time (for instance career.) “I help them to narrow the focus, set priorities and design the change. And I give them the tools to get to their goals.”

To hear more of Cassie’s experiences, wisdom, and humor, be sure to catch the show.

Close up Radio will feature coach and author Cassie Shea in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday, July 6th at 12pm Eastern Time

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