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Philanthropic Pharmapreneur Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth of Rupus Global to partner with NGO’s for Healthcare Intervention

Prof. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, Managing Director, Rupus Global Limited

Prof. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth at the Economic Forum, Riga

Academic Researcher Dr Kannan Vishwanatth

Philanthropic Pharmapreneur & Academic Researcher (Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth to partner with NGO’s for Healthcare Intervention to the poor, weak & needy.

CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 2, 2022 / -- Rupus Global Limited Managing Director (Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth announced that there is an urgent need to take appropriate measures to ensure healthcare delivery at Riga in the sideline of Economic Forum organized by Academy of sciences Latvia. (Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth emphasized that “public private partnerships are key to a sound & efficient healthcare access & affordability. Rupus Global Limited will be forging & partnering with key NGO’s in the healthcare domain. We have identified some of the best foundations to take healthcare to the rural areas which are often neglected”.

Safe water supplies, sewage treatment and disposal, improved food safety, and vaccination programs are urgently needed in resource-poor nations. A major barrier to achieving these improvements is the underlying weakness of public health systems in resource-poor countries, including a shortage of health care workers, which hinders efforts to immunize, treat, and monitor the status of patients. To address this concern, a strong public health infrastructure achieved through leadership at the country level is needed. Activities promoted by leaders include developing strategies for improving health literacy, which can be achieved by providing educational opportunities to local health care professionals. Poor nations also lack disease surveillance programs and up-to-date laboratories, which are essential to the mission of finding, diagnosing, and containing infectious diseases.

Many factors influence whether poor nations can obtain affordable drugs of good quality. Most drug research and development is not geared toward the needs of people in poor countries because they are not a big market. As a result, a large percentage of the money spent worldwide on health care research is dedicated to problems affecting a small percentage of the world’s population. Social and political challenges to the distribution of medicines are factors as well. Foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations are making efforts to overcome these challenges by providing funding, research, and donations of medications. The tragedy of global infectious disease is not only that so many lives are lost or damaged, but that so many of these infections could be prevented or treated effectively with low-cost drugs.

Dr. Kannan Vishwanath is the Managing Director of Rupus Global Limited a pharmaceutical company based out of Hong Kong. The principal objective of Dr. Kannan Vishwanath is to uplift the life of poor. It is significant to note that he places excellent emphasis on his educational aspect as well. Dr. Kannan Vishwanath never wishes to see the children deprived of their right to learning. This bighearted thought is what truly makes him a winning human being in several ways. Along with education, he takes more care to watch the enhancement of hygienic facilities and activities in the rural area he has aided. Dr. Kannan Vishwanath has also provided financial assistance for building specialized toiled for women or female at the well-known Fauji Village. In addition to this, he also understands the complexities female face when defecating in a free space. This kind of proposal would go truly a long path in restoring the women dignity. Additionally, he has been active in the building of useful toilets at the Birawadi village. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth has completed this truly under the sponsorship of most popular and effective group, which is popularly known as Shiwaba Pratishtan Birawadi. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth not only promotes hygiene facilities, but he also helps people to get the medical facilities. He has built medical check-up platform in major three educational institutions in the rural areas surrounding Pirangut, located in Thane. This specially developed medical platform is complete free to use. Apart from that, Dr. Kannan Vishwanath has also contributed the free medicines and medical help for the poor individuals through the Pune Charitable trust.

Other Excellent Activities:
Dr. Kannan Vishwanath has offered lots of job opportunities to the young deserving aspirants in this leading companies or organizations at Pune. Along with this, he has offered the industrial training for free to about 20 students who are studying Pharmacy. Additionally, he has arranged business entrepreneurship training for free to 5 management learners at Pune. Environmental problems are extremely close to the heart of Dr Kannan Vishwanatth. Hence, he would forever be in the front when it actually comes to problems concerning the environment protection.

He is forever ready to assist in forest conservation and tree plantation. Water saving is one of the major priority of Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth. He has effectively taken portion in several campaigns concerning water saving and energy saving. The major notable and popular achievements of Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth in the forest conservation are a donation of about 2000 saplings in the rural areas surrounding Pirangut, a rural area in Pune.

Armed with Chemical Engineering degree, Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is currently the promoter Director of Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company Rupus Global Limited.Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a global opinion maker of contemporary issues & a much sought after speaker in various international forums. Dr Kannan is credited with reputation for innovation, social connections, track record for value creation and investor expectations for value creation. As a Research Scholar, Dr. Kannan has published many research papers & is associated with many top notch International Institutions as Editorial Reviewer. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth is a global Citizen & a strong believer in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Over the years, Dr. Kannan has slowly transitioned away from Corporate World and into philanthropic & academic ventures.

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