Gianna Branca Releases Debut Pop Single “Conversation”

Gianna Branca "conversation" - Photo By: Erin Shields

Gianna Branca - Photo By: Erin Shields

Today, singer-songwriter Gianna Branca released her highly anticipated first original single, “conversation” on all digital platforms.

I think there is something so cool about a song’s ability to let a stranger into your heart or into a specific moment in your life. My debut single, “conversation” is (hopefully) one of those songs.”
— Gianna Branca
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 1, 2022 / -- Gianna Branca is impacting the music industry with the release of her debut single “conversation,” which is now available at all digital stores. With a viral Instagram reels teaser video that gained over 160K views, and pre-saves that topped 710 in the weeks leading up to release, the song is anticipated to see amazing success. “Conversation” was released today, July 1, 2022 under Gianna’s independent label Gianna Branca Music, with support from artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment.

“Conversation,” was written by Gianna Branca, produced by Nick Stone and Thomas Barsoe for OC Hit. It was mixed/mastered by Daniel Martz. The audio will be complemented by a live in studio performance video that was filmed at MorningStar Studios in suburban Philadelphia and will premiere today on Gianna’s official YouTube Channel.

Similar to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Julia Michaels and Taylor Swift, Branca writes from the heart and tells a story with her lyrics. “Conversation” itself describes first love, and the longing for closure that comes with heartbreak. The lyrics paint a picture of two exes at a table for two, making small talk and avoiding the things they really want to ask each other. The song will surely connect with anyone who has experienced young love and understands the feeling of secretly hoping to see an ex just one last time. At the end, Branca ultimately discovers a bittersweet truth: those who were once everything to us can become just “a passing breeze.” People enter and leave our lives for many reasons over time, and it can be hard to let them go when things are left unsaid. This enigma is exactly why Branca wrote “conversation.”

“When I was 14, I was going through a hard time, and an adult told me to try journaling. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right words for what I was feeling. I knew I loved music though. So, one day, I sat down at my piano in my living room and I tried writing my feelings over some chords...and I’ve been doing it ever since. I think of all my songs as journal entries, and I always try to make them personal and specific. I think there is something so cool about a song’s ability to let a stranger into your heart or into a specific moment in your life. My debut single, “conversation” is (hopefully) one of those songs.” - Gianna Branca

Branca’s debut single will reach the hearts of lovestruck teens everywhere - or anyone who has ever been a lovestruck teen - battling the ups and downs of their youthful years. From friendship to first love to heartbreak, “conversation” covers it all. You can hear “conversation” here. For additional information, or to schedule an interview with Gianna, please contact

More About Gianna Branca:
Gianna Branca is an American pop singer-songwriter, actor and performer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of 20, Gianna launched her own independent label, Gianna Branca Music, while also pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre Performance at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia. She released her debut single “conversation” on July 1, 2022, with support from artist development partners DNT Entertainment and OC Hit. Using her music as an outlet for her feelings and thoughts, similar to that of a journal, Gianna makes a point of being unapologetically honest in her songwriting. Her hope is that people will connect not only with the melodies in her song, but also with the story it tells.

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Gianna Branca "conversation" (Live Performance Video)