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Francis Isaac tells all in "How to Predict Future Lottery Results Book 2"

Guide on Playing Lotto Shares Secrets for Improving Chances

UNITED KINGDOM, June 30, 2022 / -- Choosing the right numbers is among the most vexing matters facing those trying their chances in the lottery. With his work, scientist, mathematician, researcher, Francis Isaac gives them a guide to improving their odds. "How to Predict Future Lottery Results Book 2" expounds upon the previous installment to help lottery players around the world.

Isaac's predictions are based on the behavior and complexity of random systems, as understanding the complexity of such systems is the best tool people have for predicting future lottery results. Drawing from his scientific and mathematical knowhow, Isaacs shares predictions, arranged on a month-by-month basis in the pages of his book.

"I believe that knowing that by the end of the month you will definitely win a certain amount of money, but just not knowing how much it is going to be yet, is a wonderful feeling. That is how I feel each month, and I would also like all those who buy this book to have the same feeling every month." Isaac says.

"How to Predict Future Lottery Results Book 2" provides plenty of choices and combinations. Readers can narrow their selection by simply playing the amount they can afford. They can choose their favorite lottery numbers from this book for a specific month. Or they can simply observe the numbers in the book and compare it with their local lotto results to see if the three number combinations that come out have been predicted in the book.

"I know some buyers who have chosen their numbers from this book and have won a substantial amount of money." Isaac says. "Most people believe that their only chance of winning is to randomly select your numbers but that is not true. Understanding of the science of complex numbers can help in giving the players reasonable amount of winnings also including the jackpot. So, I wrote the book in order to help my readers get a better chance of winning a substantial amount of money from the lottery systems."

About the Author
Francis Isaac went to Essex University to study chemistry and obtained a master's degree. He has worked as a researcher and has a passion for mathematics. As a teacher he has taught physics, chemistry and mathematics and several of his students have ended up at Oxford and Cambridge University.

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