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Dr Philip Baldeo Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors Still Accepting Applications

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Dr Philip Baldeo Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors is a scholarship offered by Dr Philip Baldeo MD. This is a scholarship that helps to provide much needed funds to needy students who are embarking on the long but rewarding journey of hopefully trying to become future medical doctors for the next generation. The scholarship is available for students who are currently enrolled to university undertaking a medical course and high school students who would want to go to university and study medicine. The most deserving student will be awarded with a scholarship of $1000 to cater for tuition fee. The star student who will win the scholarship must participate in an essay contest answering the question 'Describe a specific medical problem in the world that can be helped by an improvement in medical management or research. How would you use your position as a medical doctor to help in better and more humane and cost-effective management of the issues?' The star student and the winner of the scholarship will be announced on December 15. 2022. To apply for the scholarship, you are required to email the answer to the essay to

The road to becoming a doctor is not only long but one that requires a lot of money. Long years of studying on the road to become a doctor can be draining financially. Apart from that, many students who dare to dream of becoming future medical doctors are always left out for lack of funds. With university education fee skyrocketing, the world is losing more talented and passionate doctors. Many students drop out and some are forced to work part-time or full time to earn some money for their education. Because of multi-tasking and divided attention, such students end up spending many years before finishing their studies. There is no one who understands the hardship that many students studying on the road to become doctors go through more than Dr Baldeo. It is because of first-hand experience that he would like to rescue a star student by offering his scholarship for future medical doctors.

The man behind the scholarship Dr Philip Baldeo is a professional and licensed family doctor with over 30 years of practicing medicine in both developed and underdeveloped world. He is licensed to offer his services in the state of New York and Florida. He is also a well-known doctor with an affiliation to different hospitals. He knows first-hand the enormous struggles both mental and physical demands in addition to the financial and social sacrifices to make it through those 13-15 years of pre-med, Medical School and hopefully Residency with no excuses for failure or a substandard performance. Many times, you are far away from the comfort of home for the first time in our lives with very little support system of school friends and family members. At the same time, you are thrown into lectures halls and tutorial groups with some of the most gifted, competitive and egotistical maniacs whose only intent is to get one of the 3-4 Medical school places available to each qualified pre- med student Philip Baldeo is one person who understands and appreciates the enormous sacrifice that most medical students make to succeed in the most competitive environment it is not a sprint but a marathon of physical and mental endurance. As a way of giving back to the community, Dr Baldeo is offering a scholarship to the most deserving student. All eligible students should visit Dr Philip Baldeo main scholarship website to apply.

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