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The Rental Guys are equipment rental experts for industrial, agricultural, local contractors, and homeowners, providing different models for sale and rent.

The best experience with equipment rental in the Quad Cities! Everyone at The Rental Guys is courteous and knows the equipment. Couldn't have asked for a better equipment rental experience.”
— Ryan Jones
MOLINE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 / -- Building something or pursuing a DIY project requires several tools and equipment. Similarly, depending on the task, businesses and farm owners may need tractors, excavators, vibratory rollers, wheel loaders, and more. However, not everybody has all the equipment to get the work done. Moreover, acquiring new machines can be expensive. Therefore, renting or buying used equipment from reliable service providers like The Rental Guys can be a wise decision. An additional benefit is that such retailers often have an inventory of both preowned and new equipment for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications throughout the year.

The Quad Cities in Illinois have many Fortune 500 companies (including John Deere) and various small companies employing many residents and migrants. These companies often use local contractors for different construction and renovation projects. In addition, many prominent contractors work with equipment retailers to lower their inventory management and maintenance cost and minimize the expenses related to machinery ownership. These equipment rental experts provide various industrial tools such as aerial lifts, concrete mixers, trenchers, utility vehicles, and material handling trucks, helping service contractors save money.

Similarly, Moline farm owners might often use handcarts, trash pumps, generators, gravely mowers, and other tools for various agricultural applications. Although many farmers own various equipment and gears used in daily operations, they may prefer getting large machinery on rent rather than investing in a new unit. For example, those building a new ranch require a tractor, rotavator, tractor, concrete mixing machine, and other tools. Many of these tools would be used until the project's completion. So, instead of buying farming machinery, they can choose a cost-effective strategy by getting the required tools at rent from a local supplier like The Rental Guys.

Homeowners can also need tools for DIY projects, landscaping, land clearing, or other home improvement needs. Although scissors, axes, and saws are standard, equipment like hole diggers, power tools, and cement mixers are rarely available in an average household. The reason is simple, investing in these larger pieces of machinery can be expensive and it requires maintenance & repair, further increasing the cost of ownership. For example, the average usage of a power tool might not be for more than a few hours a year but the maintenance can be steep. Homeowners would have had significant financial and logistical savings if they had rented the necessary equipment for just a few hours! Depending on a project’s scope, one can find equipment and tools for a day or a month from local suppliers. For instance, homeowners can talk to The Rental Guys, a local contractor that regularly supplies mowers, skid loaders and attachments, mini excavators, and more on rent for residential and farming applications.

Commercial service contractors and those who often use heavy machinery, power tools, and equipment with gears can surely benefit from renting equipment as it can become expensive and inconvenient to own equipment that has multiple overheads. Heavy machinery or agricultural tools can rust or corrode over time without regular maintenance and repair. Similarly, tools can break down during fieldwork, requiring repairs from an experienced and skilled technician. With today's more complex construction machinery, troubleshooting and repair sometimes necessitate using expensive, specialized tools and diagnostic equipment that can put up unforeseen costs.

Therefore, people need to find a local area service provider who excels in rental services, offers warranties, and has the inventory to meet emergency demands. Rental businesses that can provide repair support present a better option. Prominent companies, like The Rental Guys, have trained technicians and have workshops to repair various manufacturers' tools. In addition, these professionals are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Customers can also hire them for annual inspection and maintenance to avoid costly repair or replacement later.

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Based out of Illinois, a leading provider of new and pre-owned equipment in the Quad Cities, The Rental Guys are a reliable and trustworthy partner for commercial or residential projects. They provide machinery and equipment on rent, ranging from scissors lifts & boom lifts and trenchers & excavators to everything in between. In addition, the rental company has a dedicated service team to deal with any equipment issues that need urgent repairs.

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