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Valiant Eagle Inc (OTC:PSRU) Proudly Launches The Registration Page For Its NFT Marketplace, Fungy. Rewards first 1,000

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First 1,000 users to be considered PIONEERS and will reap significant perks

Valiant Eagle (OTCMKTS:PSRU)

It was important to everyone on the team that we provide inherent safeguards to protect our users from infringement and to also find ways that creators could reap immediate and long term profits”
— Xavier Mitchell

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 27, 2022 / -- Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC:PSRU), a BIPOC-controlled Corporation, is pleased to announce that, pursuant to the imminent launch of its state-of-the-art NFT marketplace, Fungy, their early registration page is now open. The initial 1,000 who register will be considered “pioneers” and will be entitled to many exclusive perks for the life of their account with Fungy.

Xavier Mitchell, Valiant Eagle CEO says, “Although we value all users of Fungy, our pioneers will have a very special place in our lives. They are those who believed in us first. Every startup needs those champions to help grow and that is the role our pioneers will play and be compensated accordingly via perks.”

Artists and traders that Sign Up and Subscribe will receive perks such as:

• NFTs and early access to events/products to be announced shortly
• Priority NFT promotion
• Meet and greet or Metaverse events
• Free tokens
• Access to Beta test games
• And much more

Click Here to Register
Early registration will begin on Monday June 27th. Our goal is to have over 100,000 users prior to our launch date which will be released shortly via a separate press release.

With the climate of NFTs shifting, Fungy differentiates itself by offering NFTs of specific IPs. The company has a full gamut of entertainment offerings and has also begun an initiative to integrate Real Estate on its site. Thanks to in-house ownership of 40+ international TV channels, exclusive deals with film companies such as Cinevision and Providence Film Group, and access to sports groups including the American Basketball Association and ABA Canada, Fungy members can trade NFTs originating from an ever-expanding library of 2,000+ films, television shows and exclusive content.

Fungy provides a world of IRL (In Real Life) utility, empowering members to claim sports games, cinema and concert tickets, gain VIP film premier access, grab exclusive merchandise, visit film and TV production sets and, in some instances, even appear in productions themselves.

The company has recently acquired a redundant computing cluster environment, which will be hosted at its West Coast location. The new server will be an addition to the clustering methodology for providing a fail-over, load balancing, for parallelizable tasks to be distributed from server to server which is perfect for cross-region backup.

Both servers are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, which are widely used in top-tier data centers performing heavy computations for cloud computing data centers, industrial manufacturing and data analytics applications.

The core software is Open Source Linux, providing an array of built-in security defenses including firewalls that can be tailored to our requirements. Governmental Critical Infrastructure and National Security Systems incorporate Open Source Linux which provides added confirmation of its reliability.

Flexible clustering and adaptive mass storage are pivotal concepts that are utilized. Such systems can function both as routine components of conventional computer environments as well as key elements in facilitating emergency situations, system repairs and a need for increases in memory, storage or data analysis. This falls in line with Fungy’s commitment to protection and also making sure the marketplace continues to function seamlessly.

Mitchell goes on to say, “This has been an endeavor similar to running up a hill with lots of obstacles thrown at us. Nevertheless, we persisted and are now ready to launch. It was important to everyone on the team that we provide inherent safeguards to protect our users from infringement and to also find ways that creators could reap immediate and long term profits.”

Click Here to Register

About Fungy
Fungy is the new NFT platform where cinema, TV and sports lovers can acquire, mint, and sell unique media NFTs and enjoy incredible real-life opportunities.

Situated on the Matic blockchain for minimal gas fees and ERC721-dedicated, Fungy’s marketplace is just the first step! Join us early and play your part in revolutionizing the media NFT space. With plans to expand into metaverse gaming, host live events and more, Fungy is just getting started in generating the utmost benefits for our valued community members.

Twitter: @fungynft
Facebook: @fungynft
IG: @ fungynft

About Valiant Eagle, Inc
Valiant Eagle Inc (PSRU:OTC) is a publicly-traded corporation focused on the
energizing of celebrity entertainment, social media and TV communications. VE aims to
achieve an unparalleled advancement towards media through music, sports and, with
respect to the millennial generation, through technology. Technology is an important
part of our life especially in the last century more than ever. With benefits such as
speed, accuracy, unlimited information and more, the internet has provided various
means of communicating without delay nor difficulty. However, a level of consumer
satisfaction has yet to be reached. Valiant Eagle, Inc. looks to fill this void.

Valiant Eagle
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