Fundraising with a Purpose: is the Only Tax-Deductible Crowd Funding Site

The popular fundraising site can be used to raise funds to help pay for serious issues such as medical, medicine, security, food, clothing, and shelter.

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2022 / -- On a mission to help others, provides an easy and safe way for those in need of donations to share their stories while donors from the U.S. receive tax deductions. As the only non-profit Crowd Funding site in the country, Managers and Directors do not earn any compensation from GiveTaxFree.

“We are tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished at GiveTaxFree,” says the platform’s founder and Director, John Berardino. “We’re the only tax-deductible crowdfunding site, which makes us a popular option. Our site was created to encourage the kind, caring and humanitarian values of helping others in need, and since our inception, we have changed many, many lives for the better.”

Users can create a campaign for themselves or for someone else in need, and they can raise as little or as much as they wish. Funds can be raised for many different purposes, including:
• Paying medical bills
• Buying Medicine
• Funding for food
• Payment for rent
• Necessary Home repairs
• Emergency travel, and a lot more.

The funds received are tax-free, and the person making the donation receives a tax deduction because has a special non-profit status granted to them by the IRS.

Berardino emphasizes that anyone using the site must have a legitimate need that they cannot afford—a need being defined as something that a person needs to live a healthy life. Campaigns for political parties or politicians are not accepted, and neither are campaigns for pets unless it involves the cost of training a dog to provide medical assistance.

“Let’s change the world together!”

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About GiveTaxFree
On a mission to help others in need, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization provides a free, easy and secure platform for those in need to share their stories.

A crowd fundraising platform with a difference, GiveTaxFree is the only site that allows donors in the U.S. to receive tax deductions, having been granted special non-profit status by the IRS.

John Berardino