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Vacuum glass application in refrigerators

Refrigerator test samples manufacturered by HaanGlas

Refrigerator test samples manufacturered by HaanGlas

Vacuum insulating glass structure-vacuum space between sealed glass panels

Vacuum insulating glass structure-vacuum space between sealed glass panels

QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA, June 25, 2022 / -- On 25th, June, 6 pieces vacuum insulating glass samples were packed and head from HaanGlas to Mexico.

The free samples will be used for refrigerator test and explore the possibility of applying VIG products in refrigerators.

Cooler refrigerator and other referigeration products will work 7* 24 hours ,the refrigerator energy consumption account 70% that of supermarkeMr Han XiaoQing, GM of HaanGlas said.

While most refrigerators still using traditional insulated glass whose U value is 1.2-2.5W/m2.k, in addition,to avoid condensation on glass,heating film is added.

The huge energy used to keep the indoor temperature is unbelievable.

Compared with existing glass combination,vacuum glass will bring extra benefits:

1.VIG U value is can save 30-50% elecricity. VIG U value manufacturered by HaanGlas can reach 0.47W/M2.K U value,which is less than 30% of current popular glass.

2.VIG thickness can be 8mm or 10mm, which is 50% less than exisiting glass used and help simplify the refrigerator door costs.

3.VIG can avoid condensation even if indoor and outdoor temperature difference reach 40℃.

4.VIG can help decreasing the compressor working time and cycles, prolong the refrigerator lifetime.

Even though the initial investment is higher,but refrigerators and final end users are willing to adopt the new glass technology.

Beside Mexico,HaanGlas is negotiating with customers in Europe,Taiwan,North America to discuss the possibility of applying VIG in refrigerators,HaanGlas is also willing to offer free samples to refrigerator manufacturers to test and compare.

Mr Han also mentioned that now many VIG manufacturers don't have enough actual data ,or even offer false data to customers,through testing by customer themselves,they'll be more clear how good performance the VIG have and how much VIG can save for them.

Billions refrigerator and cooling cabinet in the world,if changing the cooling cabinet glass into vacuum insulating glass, HaanGlas will help save billions dollars energy costs.

Refrigerator is just a small potential market for vacuum insulating glass,HaanGlas is planing to enlarge the exisiting application in windows restoration and new buildings.

About HaanGlas:
HaanGlas is China vacuum insulating glass manufacturers ,with new advanced tempered vacuum insulating glass,and ideal no evacuation hole design,HaanGlas has become the global VIG leader and promotor.

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