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Shark Media is Leading a New Era of Digital Media Marketing

TCC Entertainment Founder Ilias Anwar (Left) with Shark Media Founder Eli Wright (Right)

TCC Entertainment Founder Ilias Anwar (Left) with Shark Media Founder Eli Wright (Right)

via Eric Foster

Influencer marketing campaigns offer a more efficient CPM, ROI, and a faster marketing funnel then traditional google ads.

UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- Shark Media & Talent is at the front of a new marketing trend- Influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing is picking up fast, with one report estimating that there are over 200 million creators online today. Businesses may feel overwhelmed and unable to find the right influencer, but companies like Shark Media are connecting with these creators to organize mass brand deals, ad campaigns, and promotions.

Eli Wright is the 20 year old CEO behind Shark Media— an international company that works with over 200 artists, actors, athletes, and influencers. Shark Media has a total network of over 200 million, netting more social media reach then the super bowl, Disney, Netflix, and ESPN combined. Shark Media connects brands, businesses, and labels with creators so they can market their products or songs to a direct target audience with a higher click through rate and ROI then traditional ads.

Brands know how important personalization has become for reaching today’s consumers. The best way to market a product has always been word of mouth, so consider influencer based marketing a digital version of that. Customers are more likely to try a new product if someone they look to on social media pushes it. Additionally, influencers are often able to share promotions in a way that doesn’t feel like a traditional ad or sales gimmick.

As internet access and screen time on social media continues to increase for all audiences, figuring out the perfect marketing solutions to reach these new audiences is imperative for both legacy and novice companies to capitalize on. The general audience is becoming more aware online, in that traditional ads are becoming more and more of a nuisance. Because of this, influencer marketing campaigns are more effective then traditional ads and offer a higher return rate.

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