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The Morgan Legal Group is a personal injury law firm that delivers quality legal services to people who have been injured in accidents.

Attorney Morgan brings a unique background to the field of law. He is extremely knowledgeable and his attention to detail sets him apart. He is kind, caring, and assists you with your legal needs!”
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HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- Cases involving automobile accidents are notoriously tricky, and it is best to have legal representation from the start. Insurance firms know that accident victims need money fast to cover mounting medical costs and other expenditures, so they often issue inadequate settlements to those unaware of their claim's value. Understanding when to consult with an attorney after a car accident might mean the difference between a fair settlement and having to pay or absorb significant financial losses. Hiring a Houston car wreck lawyer can be helpful for those who want a fair trial to receive insurance money or compensation from the at-fault party.

The compensation for automobile accidents depends on several factors, which can be economic and non-economic damages. All accident-related expenses that may be quantified monetarily fall under economic damages such as medical bills, disability, and property damage. Secondly, there are non-economic damages such as physical and mental anguish, financial hardship, or even wrongful death. Third, the law of Texas allows for punitive damages in certain instances. Punitive damages are monetary awards designed to deter and penalize wrongdoing and issued by the court. An accomplished car wreck accident lawyer can elaborate on the rarity and availability of punitive damages.

Car accidents can occur for several reasons, such as drunk driving, speeding, tailgating, car defects, poorly maintained roads, etc. The responsible party for the accidents can also include vehicle manufacturers who sold a car knowing the faults, construction companies, and state authorities responsible for keeping the driveways and roads in good condition. An experienced legal firm like Morgan Legal Group PLLC understands the intricacies of state laws governing car accidents. As a result, it can work with clients to prepare a case against the party at fault.

The settlement offer can also depend on the type of car accident. For example, the most common car accident in Houston is a rear-end collision. A rear-end collision is usually the fault of the motorist who rear-ends the vehicle in front of them. Another most damaging car accident type known as T-bone or broadside crash is a side-impact collision. They result from a collision between two vehicles or a vehicle and a stationary object. Extremely high levels of property damage and personal injury are typical in side-impact incidents compared to other auto accidents. Vehicle rollover accidents are most common in sports cars because they are designed with a high center of gravity. Head-on collisions can often result in fatal accidents when two vehicles collide against each other. All accidents in which the at-fault driver fails to stop and provide identification are considered hit-and-run accidents.

Depending on the type of car accident, the victim can sustain impact or penetrating injuries. Blunt force trauma causes impact injuries. Penetrating injuries happen when a broken object like glass penetrates the body. Both can leave victims with lasting emotional, psychological, and physical scars. Unfortunately, injuries sustained in car accidents are not always apparent. Particularly relevant are head and brain traumas, such as traumatic brain injuries. That is why it's crucial to see a doctor after a car accident and adhere to their post-treatment recommendations.

There are specific ways a car accident victim can improve their chances of financial and physical recovery. For example, a car wreck lawyer in Houston working with Morgan Legal Group PLLC recommends steps to be taken after a car accident: get quick medical assistance, report the accident to local police, take pictures of damaged property, and provide information to the insurance provider. These steps can help the attorney prepare the case in a better way. Also, follow up with the doctor to receive a detailed medical report. Keep all paperwork and receipts in one place. In addition, experienced car accident lawyers advise against providing any written or recorded statement to police or insurance providers.

Following an automobile collision in Texas, the victim must follow certain procedures, including completing paperwork within specific time frames and providing certain information. Acquiring the right to compensation and safeguarding the victim's best interests throughout the claim process depends on compliance with these regulations. In addition, the Texan Transpiration Code specifies mandatory reporting for car accidents resulting in injury or death and severely damaged vehicles. By calling 911 or the local police department, one can receive an accident report which can be detrimental to the claim process.

After receiving the accident report from the sheriff's office and medical practitioner, the next step is to consider the legal option to receive the compensation from the insurance company or the other party who caused the accident. There are three primary paths to recouping financial losses in Texas, which has a fault-based insurance regime. Unfortunately, many instances involving automobile accidents start with an insurance claim and end in court when the victim cannot obtain a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company. However, bringing a lawsuit could be a good idea, depending on the circumstances. An accomplished lawyer can help a plaintiff determine how to maximize their chances of winning a fair payment.

In Texas, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for damages stemming from a personal injury is two years from the date of the incident. If the victim's claim is not filed within this period, the court may reject the lawsuit, and the victim can be denied any compensation. A Houston car wreck lawyer from The Morgan Legal Group can help to speed up the filing process. The financial costs of treating injuries sustained in a vehicle incident often leave victims wondering if hiring an attorney is even worth it. Despite the misconception, many legal firms operate on a contingency fees model. That means the victims don't have to pay fees to retain an attorney unless they secure a favorable settlement for the client. For example, personal injury attorneys at Morgan Legal Group do not expect to get paid until they successfully negotiate a settlement on their client's behalf, which is in stark contrast to the standard practice of the legal industry.

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Clinton Morgan is a skilled and experienced attorney who has been providing quality legal representation to clients in personal injury and car accident matters for over 15 years. His passion for helping others and advocacy for the injured led him to form Morgan Legal Group, PLLC, a personal injury law firm that provides representation and counsel to those injured or wronged in some way. He is an active member of the State Bar of Texas Pro Bono College and has acquired millions in compensations on behalf of its clients. Morgan Legal Group charges no fees until winning the lawsuit or securing adequate compensation for its clients.

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